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And fandom wept

A commercial I saw during last night’s finale of America’s Next Top Model (Shut up!) indicates that one of the geeks from the upcoming season of Beauty and the Geek is part of a “Star Wars tribute band.” He sings a few bars from a song about Han Solo.

I am disturbed. Which may be ironic for someone who runs a website containing the internet’s biggest collection of Star Wars filk (and admits to watching ANTM,) but so be it.


Rise, Lord Combover

I don’t know about you, but Star Wars isn’t going to make me watch The Apprentice. I already took one for the team this year. Screw Trump.

I’m more of a Martha fan anyway. That woman would make one hell of a Sith, and Trump is the Admiral Daala to her Palpatine.

And since yes, since there is TV that doesn’t involve ‘reality,’ there was quite a big chunk of ROTS reference – an entire conversation, even – on last night’s Gilmore Girls. I’m keeping my eyes out for a transcript, but for now let me just say it involved higher ground. And ranting. Lovely, lovely ranting.