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Taking a peek at ‘Senate Spy’, Friday on Clone Wars

...Puppets.The episode guide teaser page for this week’s The Clone Wars episode: ‘Senate Spy’ is up. Is there a Separatist conspiracy in the Senate? Padmé, at the request of the Jedi Council, goes undercover to find out.

Also, the next act of the ongoing The Clone Wars webcomic “Act on Instinct” is up. Cad Bane and Aurra Sing capture a Jedi seer.

CartoonNetwork.com launches a new The Clone Wars game online, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Game Creator as part of their overall site re-design, allowing players to customize their own game levels and pick a character and ship to use in them, and have other players rate it. Read more about it at starwars.com or just go ahead and play it online.

EUbits: Lightsaber scarf, Schreiber, Bohnoff and comics

Crafting corner. There are two Mara Jade items in this roundup, and here’s the first one. Rebecca aka Sorakirei, whose first lightsaber scarf we featured earlier in the month, has another made another one. The Mara Jade lightsaber scarf was a commission – could it be from one of our readers? It’s a big internet… She’s also done a ROTJ Luke saber since we last looked…

The Blogside: Joe Schreiber on haunted houses and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on musical parody.

Action figures: A closer look at Jacen and Jaina.

Previews: Legacy #40, Knights of the Old Republic #46 and Invasion #4, which gives us our first look at (a fairly generic and perhaps Renaissance-Fair attending) Mara.

Lists: Topless Robot has a very Marvel-heavy list of the eleven least necessary Star Wars comics. Yes, its another one of those lists that was probably compiled by hitting the random button on the Wookieepedia, but I’m considering doing a novel version. (Since I’ve actually, like, read a lot of them. Imagine that. The New Rebellion, are your ears stinging yet?)

New The Clone Wars images, video, Cad Bane interview, Republic Heroes demo, and more!

The Clone Wars: Season 2

A baker’s dozen of new Star Wars: The Clone Wars images have popped up on IGN, including a few new characters coming in Season 2. They also have two new videos, including this one where Cad Bane gets hired to do a little smash-and-grab on the Jedi Temple and Anakin and the clones head up against Cad Bane’s battle droids in a zero-g firefight.

Wired managed to get an interview with the notorious bounty hunter, Cad Bane. Bane goes on the record to say the Clone Wars are good for business with “the war tends to shake out the power players, and bigger clients means bigger fees” and quashes rumors that he’s concerned about young Boba Fett taking over the Fett bounty hunter name and fame. Does he want a shot at the Jedi, like Anakin Skywalker? Read it and find out!

On the video game front, the demo version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes has been released on XBox Live for download. The game takes place between seasons 1 and 2, and will be released on September 15 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

Remember, Season 2 of The Clone Wars premieres on Cartoon Network on Friday, October 2. Meanwhile, SW.com is streaming four fan favorite episodes over the Labor Day weekend.

EUbits: Fun with faux castings, looking for ‘Sith,’ Atlas endnotes, Bohnhoff’s alien homework

Let's see, we need someone who can pull off mall hair...Winceworthy. Geekdad’s Lonnie Morgan gets a bit too into reading Star Wars novels and celebrates by inflicting yet another round of fantasy casting upon the internets. (I dislike this kind of thing: They all tend to come out in fail.) There’s also a poll on which (if any) EU series/era you’d like to see come to the screen.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Sue Rostoni gave a tentative date of February 9th for the next installment of the Fate of the Jedi tie-in ebooks. That’s about a month before the fourth book, Allston’s Backlash, is due out.

The blogside: Dan Wallace and Jason Fry continue with their Essential Atlas endnotes; Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on dealing with aliens.

Podcasts: Thursday’s EUCast (7pm EST) will focus on Mara Jade.

Comic previews: Invasion #3, Knights of the Old Republic #45, and The Clone Wars #9.

Gaming: A 20-minute video walkthrough of The Old Republic MMO.

EUbits: FOTJ audio, TOR’s Threat of Peace, Dark Horse one-shots & previews, Holostar

Fate of the Jedi: Hard up for something even after the panel video? Well, you can listen to an audiobook sample of Abyss at Random House now. Seems to be the same section we got a peek at in Omen. (Thanks to Zee Zee.)

The Old Republic. I’m pretty sure I missed blogging that the second part of the TOR webcomic is well underway. (The gaming is always the first to go.)

Dark Horse. Randy Stradley reveals the one-shots on the boards. (via) And also lost in the shuffle, several previews: The Clone Wars #8, Knights of the Old Republic #44, Legacy #39 and Dark Times #14.

Holostar. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff talks the title of her book… But no reveal of who the holostar is yet.

EUbits: Jaina, Bohnhoff, Legacy, Outcast

Something to add to those Episode VII wish lists… Jaina Solo makes io9’s list of the most badass female space pilots of all time. It’s a damn shame we never got anyone in the movies who qualifies…