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Out this week, and last

Caught up in post-CIV madness, but for now, be aware that the latest Legacy of the Force book, Sacrifice, was officially released yesterday.

Today brings to your comic store Knights of the Old Republic #17, the Jango Fett/Zam Wesell anniversary collection, and the new Panel to Panel, which focuses on Dark Horse’s contributions to the EU. And those of us trucking to Los Angeles may have missed last week’s comic releases, Legacy #12 and Dark Times #3.

DH planning another Panel to Panel

Aiming for a May 2007 release, Dark Horse’s sequel to the well recieved Panel to Panel will focus on comic contributions to the Expanded Universe. It will include this new artwork from Tsuneo Sanda: The heroes of Star Wars comics.

Also in the first link: Legacy #3 going back for reprints, and several corrections to the Legacy #9 solicitation.