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Veronica Mars turns to Kickstarter to fund movie; Reaches $2M goal in less than a day

The Veronica Mars Movie Project has been the talk of the pop culture internet today. It’s revolutionary and somewhat controversial – if the Kickstarter reaches $2 million dollars, they’ll make a movie to wrap up the series. Creator and showrunner Rob Thomas made a deal with Warner Brothers, who owns the show – fans fund the movie and Warner will distribute itVeronica Mars

It quickly became the fastest-growing Kickstarter film campaign, and they literally reached their goal as I wrote this post. (Anything above the goal will also go towards making the film.)

Veronica Mars, for the uninitiated, was a TV series that ran for 3 seasons (2004-07) on UPN and the CW. Starring Kristen Bell in the title role, it was a show ahead of its time, a high school film noir set in a town filled with elevated levels of class conflict and, yeah, those slow-brewing season-long arcs that are now all the rage. (Thanks, Lost!) And, no, it might never have recaptured the glory of the first season – one of the best seasons of broadcast TV ever, IMO – but fans were still sad to see it go.

A few months ago I discovered the show rerunning on SoapNet, and got addicted all over again, so this could not have happened at a better time for them to take my money. Yes, I donated. I’m not going to tell you to do so too, but I do suggest you go watch season 1. (Watch it for free at theWB.com, or it’s free to stream on Amazon for Prime members.) I hope you won’t be disappointed.