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A Jedi craves not these things

Speaking of rumors… Kevin Smith addresses last year’s gossip of his involvement with the Star Wars TV show.

Was there ever any truth to the your involvement with a Star Wars TV show?

“No, no,” Smith says with a chuckle. “Which was so strange, because I was like, ‘Really? I wish somebody had told me.’ People kept saying, ‘Dude, you gonna be doing that?’”

Bunch of savages in this town

Why does Kevin Smith want to release Clerks 2 unrated? Language, of course:

“I’ve never been a nudity dude,” Smith insisted. “We did nudity once, in ‘Mallrats,’ and it was just such an uncomfortable thing to shoot. Anybody can get somebody to take their clothes off. ‘Clerks’ was a movie that the MPAA gave an NC-17 for language and content alone. This movie ups the ante by a hundred-fold, and there’s just no way it gets an R.”