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Comic old, comics new: Sneak peek at new KOTOR, taking in all of Vector

Editor Dave Marshall talks a wee bit about Knights Of The Old Republic #37, plus a nine page preview. (Alas, the issue didn’t come out yesterday – at least not if you believe Diamond.)

Meanwhile, CBR has John Jackson Miller, John Ostrander, Jan Duursema and Randy Stradley to talk about Vector now that it’s done – and/or the first trade is imminent, depending on your point of view. But the piece does contain spoilers.

EUbits: Ostrander, Miller, Wallace and Hasbro

Legacy #30 / Vector #11

The fandom minute

Expanded Universe newsbits: Art, comics, e-books!

IMAGE: Mara and Luke by Katie Cook

Get on track with Vector

Newsarama has been catching up with the Dark Horse folks to talk about the upcoming crossover Vector. First up, editor Randy Stradley (and a peek at another cover) and then creators John Jackson Miller, John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. Interesting factoid: They’ve been laying the groundwork for the crossover for a while now. Intrigue!

Checking in with Harry Potter

ew-harry.jpgThe new Entertainment Weekly is chock full of Potter, including Daniel Radcliffe’s thoughts on the new book.

The HP week in review

Potterdämmerung Midnight Bulletin

J.K. Rowling is ‘staggered’ by pre-release reviews, but they won’t stop fans from buying.

So far tonight…

CIV: More guests and events

Irvin Kershner is coming to Celebration! Along with Howard Kazanjian, Norman Reynolds, and Robert Watts.

More CIV updates

But I wanna write a Star Wars novel!

It’s an infrequent yet irritating occurrence: Fan shows up on Star Wars novel forum saying they want to write a novel. Old fans sigh, roll our eyes, and tell him or her it’s not easy. Established authors. They call you. Write your own stuff, or fanfic, if you’re so set on Star Wars, etc, etc. One lucky fan on TFN gets replies from comic pros John Ostrander and Randy Stradley. Turns into a pretty interesting conversation.

Years and years ago, Corellian trilogy author Roger MacBride Allen wrote an article on this very subject. It’s still worth reading.