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In the news: George, Harrison, Jeremy

There are scans of a Total Film interview with George Lucas over at MillenniumFalcon.com. They hit all the standards, including Indy IV, The Clone Wars and the live action series. At one point, George says “People live in the Empire, but you don’t see Stormtroopers.” A departure indeed… There’s also an interesting bit about the EU, George’s “three pillars of Star Wars.” Nothing terribly surprising, but we’re still at the point where any crumb is thrilling.

Out this week

Subscribers may (or may not) already have their copies, but everyone else can look for Star Wars Insider #99 in stores… I’ve also heard rumblings that Jude Watson’s latest Last of the Jedi novel, Master of Deception has been sighted on store shelves.

UPDATE: TOS has an excerpt from the Insider’s Jeremy Bulloch interview. And on that note, you might want to also pick up the latest issue of Toyfare.

Celebration Europe updates; Disney guests

Charlie Ross is taking his One Man Star Wars Trilogy over the sea to Celebration Europe; David Prowse, Ray Park, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, and Temuera Morrison are confirmed guests.

We also get the guest list for this year’s Disney Star Wars Weekends.

From the Blogside

Harry Potter is a fraud! This isn’t a blog, but it’s certainly burning through the fandom in a way I find quite amusing. Please note it was originally published in 2002.

Icarusancalion has excellent advice for fandom security. Hiding your tie-in novels in the underwear drawer is not, surprisingly, one of them.

Oboe-Wan ponders hats and Ewoks. Sadly, not hats of Ewoks. (Yes, it’s old-school CJ reference day!)

On the VIP front, Helen Keier on how she got the gig, Sterling Hershey explains what a freelance game designer does and Abel G. Peña discusses the origins of Darth Millennial. Oh, and Jeremy Bulloch has shown up.

Washington Post Star Wars Section

The Washington Post has a special on-line only Star Wars section

Lots of good stuff here now with more scheduled for the next week, including web chats with Matt Stover and Jeremy Bulloch. There’s also a “Sith Sense” blog with entries about DC area news. The most interesting tidbit there is that the American Film Institute theater in Silver Spring MD will be showing ANH, ESB, RoTJ, TPM and AoTC in early July as part of the AFI’s tribute to George Lucas. Details to come.