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The fandom minute: Tina Fey’s endorsement, bento boxes, Yoda’s a (badass) geek

She can see Russia from her house!

The EU minute: Japan, Thrawn, Denning

IMAGE: Allegiance

  • New cover from Japan, Timothy Zahn’s Allegiance, over at the Japanese cover gallery. There’s a new Last of the Jedi one up as well. Death Star expected soon, no word on LOTF… (via)
  • Thrawn (and Ackbar) get a little love over at io9’s list of greatest space strategists.
  • TFN reports that author Troy Denning will be on the Philadelphia-area radio show To Be Continued this Sunday.

Lately on StarWars.com…


The very latest in the constant parade of extremely puzzling merchandise is Stormtrooper and Vader golf gear. From Japan, naturally. Gotta give them credit for not just slapping a silkscreen on a generic bag, at least in the case of the Stormtrooper.