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I really don’t want to go back to work. But I am not hung over. Well, I have con hangover. Close enough.

New quote: “I can’t wait for the teen years. I want my kids to hide in their rooms and never come out.” (Kelly, Mother of the Year)

I actually was good at GenCon. It was the auction what done me in. I am the proud owner of a Caitlin Shindler original Princess Leia gown. And it is pretty but it takes up way, way, way too much space in my suitcase.

I wish JadeCon were more often. But I think the lack of sleep would kill me. But it might be worth it.

PCD sucks!

Saturday night and Sunday morning are always the hardest. The PCD Kickoff Breakfast if full of good-byes as people trickle back to the airport or get ready for drives home. There’s taking down all the decorations and cleaning the suite, which is a lot like post-Christmas. A line from the old Alice TV series always sticks with me: “Decking the halls is a lot more fun than un-decking the halls.” Amen.

Once we check out of the suite and those of us who hang out until late Sunday or Monday are left, it gets a little better. This is why I stay until Monday; by the time I get home, I’ve mostly gotten over PCD.

Rogue is busy recording his filk CD. I finally got a chance to sing Tish’s “Like A Diva” (to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”) for him. I am NOT a Madonna fan and she sings a bit out of my range, so I hope it sounds okay. I also did my new filk to Anna Nalick’s “Breathe (2 AM)” with which I’m much more comfortable. Should be an awesome CD with a lot of our collective history.

Some of us will probably visit the floor one more time, we’ll find a place to have dinner together, and it’ll be a nice decompression after the Mara and Mayhem.

PCD, the movie

Well, last night I dressed up, heels and all, and then I fell, flashing half the group in the process. Yay!

So they made me come up and gave me swag for doing the site. Cool! I didn’t have to buy anything. The bidding got a bit high for my wallet. But it was fun. And now I have Chad. Chad Cthulhu.

Just got back from the post-Con depression breakfast. It went by so fast! We need to have JadeCon month or something.

I have pictures, though – they tells the story of JadeCon better than I ever could, I’ll post them later.

So Kelly, you can do another entry now.

Auction and Filk Night

Dunc’s making me blog even though I wrote the last entry, so if you all are tired of hearing from me, blame her.

The auction was amazing. Lots of really cool stuff, some of which went for scary large amoungs of money. We raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 for Reading is Fundamental in memory of PG’s mom, The Bonnie. I got a pair of Jack/Will slash earrings. Go me!

Filk night was a blast as always. We did filk-alongs of old favorites like “The Saga Begins” (Okay, that one’s not ours, it’s Weird Al’s), “Calamari Ship” and “Worst Hangover Ever (an Ode to Jessa’s Bar).” There were some new very amusing entries, but of course I remember none of them (and I’m not even drunk, just tired!)

PCD is already starting to set in. Why do cons feel so damn short????

All dressed up…

Getting ready to go down to the Auction. Club Jaders clean up well. If by clean up well you mean anything from evening gowns and boas to Jedi robes (or in my case both!) to pajamas and everything in-between.

Am slightly put out that Dave’s dress is better than mine.

No hangover!

Ha ha! Did sleep late, though. Made it in and out of the shower with only 15 minutes to Mary’s LFL presentation.

I commandeered a luggage cart!

Then pirate stuff, seminars, naked Luke dolls… I dunno. You’d think, being Club Jade and all, we’d be more about the naked Luke dolls, but… Not so much. Obi and Qui and Maul, sure. Han? Okay. Luke? Meh.

Oh, and last night? Those Damn Harry Potter Plagarists stole Jaina’s shoes. I bet they slipped all that vodka into my drink, too. DAMN YOU CASSIE CLAIRE!

JadeCon Quotes 2006 (Up to now, at least)

Here are a selection of memorable quotes, so far. You can use your imagination to figure out what we were talking about.

Or not.

(Thanks to Aaron for capturing most of these.)

  • “SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!” – Aaron

  • “Eat shit, Jessica, it’s CARROTS!” – Many people (this one is a popular one)
  • “You have grasped enough of my gist” – Diane
  • “The nub of your chest?” – Blu
  • “I know, but….Poop!” – Blu
  • “I’m going to beat you with naked Barbies.” – Roxanne
  • “My boobs do not need powdering, people.” – Dunc
  • “Are they bag hickeys?” – Elizabeth D.
  • “Ignore us now, beyotch.” – Beth
  • “It’s like a periodic table of the feedback whores.” – Aaron
  • “Why is the squirrel humping Jack Sparrow?” – Blu
  • “There’ll be two floats , one with f*ing Ewoks — they’re not f*ing.” – Mary
  • “Yav has totally out-dorked herself.” – Blu
  • “What does Mara Jade use to keep warm?” – Rogue
    “Luke Skywalker?” – Ruby
  • “I’m going to get Aaron’s tool.” – Sam

More to come as soon as more alcohol gets served….

ARRR! There be movies here….

Arr! It be Movie Night. And tonight’s movies be Pirates of the Carribean. While we await the pizza and the start of the Pirates movie at the movie theater, we be watching the first movie, just to be sure we be understandin’ the new story. (Well. Old story, by now. I think the average number of viewings in this group is 3, by now.)

This afternoon we had a tea hosted by Michelle. She taught us all about teas, the proper way to prepare them, and the enjoyment of scones. Yummy!

After that, Diane and Derek taught some basic dance steps. It was kinda funny to watch.

We also had the auction preview. We’re up to 192 item donations and we still have people working on their contributions. (We’re going to have to auction quickly.) But the samples of Trace’s truffles? Big hit!

Arrr. I’m sure there are going to be a few drunken posts from here later tonight.

Ten years of Mara and Mayhem

Last night we had “story time,” which isn’t really something we’ve done at JadeCon before, at least not in a formal capacity. Since this is our tenth anniversary (!) and not all of us have been involved the entire ten years, we kind of did a “sit around the campfire and pass on the collective wisdom.” If by “wisdom” you mean “insanity,” that is. Some highlights:

1996 Chicago and then GenCon: OMG, there are other professional women who are fans of Star Wars and don’t really care whether a Star Destroyer could beat the Enterprise!

1997, calls to 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm to change the release date of ROTJ:SE so that we could still see all three movies when we gathered together in Vegas. Got invited to a press screening that was moved back by one day so we could come. Met Timothy Zahn for the first time.

1998, the Smithsonian visit in DC. Jessa’s Bar makes its debut. We met Dak, who wore a button informing us “I’m Dead.”

1999, the prequels, and The Wedding. Marrying off cardboard standups of Luke and Mara in a real Las Vegas wedding chapel by a real Elvis impersonator. Yes, we scared him. Luke and Mara got locked in the bathroom at the reception when we left.

2000 was the first time GenCon was our main JadeCon. Orphans of the Suncrusher Auction. A funeral procession for Chewbacca around the second floor of the Hyatt Milwaukee and Anthony Daniels conducted us in providing a chorale accompaniment of “Duel of the Fates” while the Karrdes dueled on the skywalk between the Hyatt and the convention center at 1 am. “This floor’s not entirely stable!”

2001 was a baby shower for little Ben Skywalker and the Jedi Temple picnic (of Death!) crashed by the Sith. It was our last official JadeCon in Milwaukee, although many of us returned for the last Milwaukee GC in 2002.

2002 we were back in Vegas for AOTC. Tarts and Jedi (think Tarts and Vicars. If you’ve seen Bridget Jones Diaries you know what I mean.)

2003 was the first Indy GenCon. Podracing was appropriate for our first year in this racing city. :) We shaved Rogue’s head. Because we could.

2004 was the Galactic Games. We were rained out of the park and somehow thought it would be a good idea to light sparklers in the rain under a pavilion. After we were all treated for smoke inhalation we rethought that plan.

2005 was ROTS. Mini-cons for the actual movie, then Indy for the Hoth Winter Games. We broke Aaron at the ice rink (which was kinda more slushy than actually icy) and I got to meet one of the Lone Gunmen and tell him about the Lone Gunbabies. :)

Ten years. It’s hard to believe. Here’s to ten more. And then some.