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Videos: Movie music magic by Pogo

Pogo creates music using samples from movies. You may have seen ‘Bangarang,’ his track using Hook, around the web yesterday:

Here’s ‘Alohomora,’ using samples from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone:

I’m not quite sure what (if anything) this one is sampling, but the video does feature a guy dancing around in a Darth Vader mask:

‘Expialidocious,’ utilizing Mary Poppins:

And ‘Mary’s Magic,’ using 1993’s The Secret Garden:

See more at his Youtube channel.

Star Wars in the news: George Lucas still rich, Harry Potter still popular

George tops Forbes Hollywood list. George Lucas is the top earner on the business mag’s brand new list of Hollywood’s highest-paid men. (Wait, men? I guess Oprah isn’t ‘Hollywood.’) Coming up second is Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford shows up at #11.

Number games Because Harry Potter could soon beat Star Wars as the best-grossing movie franchise in the U.S. And yeah, while it didn’t beat Transformers 2’s opening weekend, Half-Blood Prince hasn’t done too shabby. (Would J.K. Rowling count as ‘Hollywood,’ Forbes?)

Flashback. Geoff Boucher digs up an old photo from the 70’s.

Other franchies… Warwick Davis talks a bit about a sequel to Willow with MTV. (We also learn that I am not the only person who hated the sequel books!)

Oh my, is it Harry Potter time again?

So this week we finally get the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And it seems like it was only yesterday that we were grumbling about the delay.

Video game news from E3…

Lots of big video game announcements coming during E3, happening this week in Los Angeles, besides the cinematic trailer for The Old Republic MMO:

Drive-by movie news: Benders, Fanboys, Terminators and Potters (oh my)

airbenderFirst Airbender pics are here. If you squint you can see Aang’s tattoo, but Zuko’s scar (and ponytail) seem MIA. Sigh.

Seriously, what if it sucks? Fanboys to head to Sydney for a sequel? Nice idea, but I’m not holding my breath.

You like Harry Potter, little fan? Have some Half-Blood Prince TV spots. Or perhaps a clip?

He’s John Connor. JOHN CONNOR! Terminator Salvation has already taken in $3 million, despite a a steady stream of bad reviews.

Obligatory Twilight news. Kristen Stewart looks thrilled to be in the New Moon poster. Meanwhile, poor Robert Pattinson confirms they’ll be taking the movies all the way through Breaking Dawn. I for one can’t wait to see how they handle the… Well, you know.