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Eye Candy: Mildly thrilling collection of Vader art

io9 includes Darth Vader in The Greatest Art Featuring 6 Iconic Scifi Villains. Some of it is fairly old hat (The Vader Project? So 2007!) but there’s always someone shocked by it. Besides, they have a brand-new spiffy robot chart as a consolation prize for those of us a bit too jaded for our own good.

The fandom minute: Excessively visual edition

IMAGE: Billboard remix

A number of Spike’s Star Wars billboards in New York get a bit of a remix. Am I Not Lying reports.

IMAGE: Chop Shop Tees

Chop Shop’s WeRobot and AlienWe tees feature several familiar silhouettes… I swear! (We featured their pin-stripe shirts a while back.)

IMAGE: Doctor Beef’s stormtroopers

Doctor Beef’s stormtroopers are small, frisky, and ready to get down. (Check out all her photos for lots of tiny plastic fun.)