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Best of Star Wars in 2011: On screen

Continuing our review of the year that was, we have a glimpse back at how Star Wars has been lighting up the video screens – mostly our televisions in 2011, with an epic year for The Clone Wars, and the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga.

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The Clone Wars: War! What is it good for?

[irony]The Clone Wars: Defenders of Peace[/irony]

The pacifist lemur storyline came to an end with ‘Defenders of Peace.’ I think they need an entire episode of Palpatine laughing his bum off after this.

The Clone Wars: Now with lemurs

The Clone Wars: Jedi Crash

Friday’s ‘Jedi Crash’ brings the Jedi to Maridun, home of a colony of Irish-accented Lurmen. In the video commentary, Dave Filoni talks about the comic book influences in the episode.