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EU newsbits: Coruscant Nights, Williams, Vitas

Today in The Force Unleashed: Record-breaker!

The big news is The Force Unleashed demo shattering Xbox Live records with more than a million downloads. Count in the Playstation Network and it comes out to 2.3 million. Not too shabby…

The fandom minute: Ahsoka, blogs, project, Mandos

TFN thread of the indeterminate time period: Fan fiction and the profic fan

There’s been an interesting fanfic discussion thread over on TFN’s Literature boards, and for a conversation I thought would drop like a stone it’s actually turned out fairly interesting. (Silly title and all.)

Things are starting to get a little heated towards the end, but such is the risk one takes with TFN.

A flurry of merchandise news: Hasbro, Nintendo

The fandom minute: Revenge comic, new KOTOR site, cheap-ass lightsabers, Boba Fett

Flashback: 14-year old Dave Lowe’s Revenge of the Jedi fan comic from 1980. There’s Luke/Leia kissing and sleeveless Vader! (via) In a more professional capacity, he also did some work for a Sci-Fi Channel Star Wars marathon back in 1993.

New site aims to bind the fandom together

GalacticBinder is a new site aiming to be the ultimate web directory for Star Wars fandom. It’s off to a nice start (here’s our listing.)

Being ad-heavy and sponsored by an official licensee, I wouldn’t count on your more paranoid fanfic sites to feel particularly welcome here, although the fact that they have a category for them at all is a nice sign. What strikes me as the most unusual is the lack of a general Expanded Universe category – it only appears as a subsection under Characters.

Still, it was on TFN yesterday, so site owners will no doubt be submitting listings like mad for a good week or so.