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Catching up with Rogue One: Post-trailer madness

Rogue One (Phil Noto)As is quickly becoming tradition, Phil Noto (on his own) did a post-trailer poster. (Also on his Tumblr.) Revelist has collected some of the first wave fan art. (You can also keep an eye on the Rogue One tag on our Tumblr.)

→ Here’s one for any of your less-than-obsessive friends who might be confused about where Rogue One fits in, from our pal Bryan Young. (On that note, as I was writing that last sentence, my mom texted me asking about “the Jedi in the white cape.” That said, I have no doubt that Lucasfilm is already well aware of the issue and has planned marketing accordingly. We’re still most of a year away from the movie, remember?)

→ A look at the new (and old) stormtroopers we see the trailer, from a 501ster.

→ Naturally, our first official announcement post-trailer was the toy packaging.

→ Second official announcement: Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, co-producer John Swartz, and executive producer John Knoll will pick the Filmmaker Select award for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. (Seems like this replaces the ‘George Lucas Selects’ category of previous years.) Submissions are open through April 24.

→ Of course, you can’t have a new Star Wars movie trailer without folks jumping to conclusions about certain characters, and ‘Jyn Erso is Rey’s mom!’ has been popular enough to warrant pieces arguing against it from Birth Movie Death’s Devin Faraci and IGN’s Terri Schwartz, both of which I very much agree with. (I also find the oh-so-related ‘Jyn is the new Mara Jade!’ speculation deeply distasteful, which I may go into further detail on soon. As for the Jan Ors comparisons, Pablo has it covered.)

The Star Wars fan film awards realunch with a little help from Empire Uncut

The Star Wars Fan Film Awards have returned! Fan filmmakers can submit theirs through January 16, and they’ll go up on StarWars.com sometime in March for fans to vote on. The winners will be announced at Celebration Anaheim in April.

In the meantime, you can check out The Empire Strikes Back Uncut on StarWars.com now.

The fandom minute: Firefly’s hidden Hans

Han Solo in Firefly? It’s true! There is proof! Amy spots a Han in Carbonite figure in several episodes. Can you find the rest? Break out the DVDs!

Video. Harry Shum Jr. (of Glee) made a fanfilm. Or something. It has lightsabers, anyway.

Hmm… Take a Star Wars detox? I can’t deny it has some temptations. Think of all the Law and Order reruns we could watch!

At random. Vader’s tombstone and Charlie Brown as Luke Skywalker.

Dunc’s top ten Star Wars events of 2009


It’s getting to be that time again… StarWars.com posted their own mammoth Best of 2009 this morning. Below is my personal list. Since it is personal, it’s clearly missing some things. (As always, I don’t speak for all of Club Jade. I just post a lot.) So let’s get to it: Continue reading

In the news: Star Wars Uncut, legal Jedi, inductee George, and the saga through new eyes

Mainstream recognition So the tauntaun sleeping bag got in the New York Times, but Star Wars Uncut made it to ABC News.

And here we thought his heart was two sizes too small… The Missouri Salvation Army has a unique approach to getting folks to drop a dollar or two into the kettle: Darth Vader. (via)

To be a copyright attorney takes the most serious mind, the deepest commitment. Law.com profiles “Jedi Lawyer” David Anderman – he heads Lucasfilm’s legal team and has been with the company for 11 years. His specialty? Intellectual property, naturally. (via)

Fame game. Lest we forget, George Lucas is being inducted into the California Hall of Fame today.

Final word. PopMatter’s Monte Williams takes on the popular assumptions about Star Wars. It’s an interesting enough read that I’m willing to forgive the extremely groanworthy headline.