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LOTF Week Fan Art: Mara Jade

FAN ART: Mara Jade by Rockie-Roade @ deviantart

Mara Jade: Double Shot (Clickthrough to see the whole thing) by Rachel Moir. She’s got more Star Wars art in her gallery, including some that may be spoilery.

I swear I did not realize until today that this was going to be a run of redheads. Oh well: It is Club Jade, after all.

Check back Saturday for the final (and biggest!) installment of LOTF fan art. (Featuring characters with all hair colors!)

LOTF Week Fan Art: Tenel Ka

IMAGE: Queen Mother by Shea Standefer aka rurouni-jedi @ deviantart

Queen Mother by Shea Standefer. Shea also has pictures in progress of Jaina, Allana and Tenel Ka with Jacen. But she’s probably best known in fandom as am accomplished Jaina costumer. You can see more of her art on DA, and an impressive array of costumes at tempered-steel.net.

Check back tomorrow morning for the next installment of LOTF fan art!

Sunday What: The Art of Michael T. Rea

IMAGE: Michael T. Rea’s Olympia

Michael T. Rea’sOlympia‘ is clearly a riff on Chewbacca. Nor is it the only familiar figure. To what end? Here’s what he told fecalface.com:

Well motion pictures in general are a big source of inspiration for me. I have always enjoyed how people will quote lines from a movie. I like how for a few seconds the line between fiction and reality is blurred. I tend to like horror and science fiction films the most. I also like to think about time travel from time to time. Television is a big thing for me as well. I love inappropriate jokes, and I like to incorporate humor into a lot of my pieces as well.