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Gate Geek – One Big Happy

Since I’m a romantic sap, I’m going to kick off this week’s update with pictures from David Hewlett‘s wedding to The Lovely (TM) Jane Loughman.  Being a true geek, David knew the importance of getting coverage out online before horrible camera phone pictures snuck out.  Best wishes to them both!

More pictures, but this time of the official variety with the official promo shots for Season 5.

While Stargate Atlantis enjoys a hiatus before its July 11th return, the official site teases us about Continuum by posting a video touting the return of the great Richard Dean Anderson.

Gate Geek – Ramping it up

Brad Wright is talking Stargate Continuum. (Careful if you’re avoiding spoilers.) And there’s also the news that we should be hearing something about a proposed new series, Stargate Universe, “pretty soon.” Sweet! (via)

GateWorld interviews Jason Momoa who gives a few more tidbits on upcoming Ronon storylines, the ongoing pain of his hair, vacationing in Hawai’i with Joe Flanigan and, quite by surprise, Rachel Luttrell. He and Joe are now sharing a place in Vancouver as the family-less dads.

Another Stargate dad, Christopher Judge, gives a nice, huge interview to SciFi Australia.

Gate Geek – Dreading over the Dreads?

Yes. It’s been a while. Y’see, there was this trip out to Pegasus. The Apollo developed engine trouble. It was this whole thing….

Okay. Not really. But let’s catch up, shall we?

Not to be outdone by a show that’s still on the air, the SG1 news:

Second Indy trailer on Iron Man, Indy’s role examined, and more

Like no one saw this coming: the second trailer for Indiana Jones and the Crystal King of Skulldom will be coming out on Paramount’s Iron Man on May 1 (which is being pushed forward 4 hours – from a midnight show to 8 pm showings). And the most important news about the Indy IV trailer: It’s 1 minute and 49 seconds. Apparently, they plan to stretch the whole movie out to 2 hours, 20 minutes.

NPR talks to real archaeologists about the most famous fictional archaeologist/treasure hunter. The Arizona Republic looks at Indiana Jones and the need for nostalgia.

Want to see Indiana Jones and the King Skull of Crystaldom before opening day (and can’t afford to go to Cannes)? There’s going to be a charity screening on May 18 in Oklahoma City.

and what’s the latest at StarWars.com about Indiana Jones?

  • A quick look at the official commemorative Indiana Jones magazine, available on StarWarsShop.
  • The tour of the Young Indiana Jones DVD sets covers the last chapter (but not the last disc. Disc 9 – Hollywood Follies – After working on Broadway, Indy heads out west to Hollywood and works with John Ford, Irving Thalberg and Erich von Stroheim and gets some tips on stunts from Wyatt Earp. Companion documentaries cover von Stroheim, Ford, Thalberg, and the Hollywood moguls.

NYCC ’08: Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD details

IGN reports a few Star Wars tidbits from the Robot Chicken panel:

IMAGE: Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD

  • The Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD will contain two hours of bonus materials.
  • And seven commentary tracks!
  • The Star Wars special took them fourteen weeks to prepare – an entire season (20 episodes) generally takes eleven months.

The DVD comes out May 20th.