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And the rest: Wonder Woman may not have a new TV show, but she does get a makeup line

Her TV show revival may be dead (or is it?) but MAC Cosmetics is releasing a limited edition line of products inspired by Wonder Woman. (Get a closer look at Vampy Varnish – Pending swatches, I might actually spring for the nail polish.) MAC has previously released a Disney Villains collection.

More superheros, less makeup. If you weren’t on the internet yesterday, you might not have heard that Sony released the first picture of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. (If you were on the internet yesterday, I apologize for being the last in a very long line.) Also debuting: Chris Evans in his full Captain America getup.

I have a bad feeling about this… 41,763 people won $150 in cash by playing Hurley’s numbers from Lost in the Mega Millions lottery.

Carlos the Dwarf approves. NBC’s Community – which you really ought to be watching, if you aren’t already – will have a Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode.

What. The most exciting severed hands of all time. Oh, io9.

Video: Vin Diesel and Dungeons and Dragons

Seriously! Check out this quote:

I mean, I was literally playing Dungeons and Dragons with Judi Dench and Karl Urban at nights after shooting. I will tell you that I was showing her Dungeons and Dragons books and showing her the different properties of Elementals. Call me crazy.

He taught Dame Judi Dench to play D&D. Just goes to show… You never know.

The Dwarf looks like Harry Knowles!

64 reasons to watch Dungeons and Dragons. Because it makes TPM and AOTC look like The Godfather? I don’t know… I’m big on embracing the cheese, but I watched this movie on cable and it was awful. Maybe they ought to Rifftrax it.

That said, the reasons are pretty funny.

Speaking of Rifftrax, their mocking of The Phantom Menace is now available. Has it offended any uptight prequel fans yet? I want to know!

Remember kids, fantasy makes you stupid!

Why does it always come back to Harry Potter?

Science fiction author Gregory Benford has a bug in his bonnet, and it’s called fantasy fiction. In his world, it seems all fantasy is based on Dungeons & Dragons.

Needless to say people disagree, including some folks in Benford’s comments, author Scott Lynch and (for the snarkful among us) Fandom Wank.