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Roundup: Saoirse Ronan says she’s out of the running for Episode VII

s-ronan200Actors. Saoirse Ronan is no longer in the running for Star Wars. “I don’t have the role,” she tells The Playlist. “I just shouldn’t have said anything. I just auditioned for it, like everyone else did.”

Casting. Word continues to spread about the open call that may (or may not) be for Episode VII. Gary Kurtz talks to The Guardian about the open calls for the original Star Wars and David Prowse shares some advice for the hopefuls with the BBC.

Games Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboys thinks the December part of the equation relates to Episode VII and Rebels tie-ins with the Disney Infinity game. As always with gaming, I shrug.

In the news: Fisher takes ‘Drinking’ to New York, Dirty-minded neighbors peg Prowse film as porn

Buns over Broadway. Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show ‘Wishful Drinking’ opened on Broadway this weekend, and the reviews are in. Not too shabby! Let’s not forget the woman herself is still blogging away… And not pulling any punches, either.

Why is the goofy news always from the U.K.? Two stories involving David Prowse… In the first, his car breaks down. Okay, maybe not so wacky, except the part where it used to belong to Kenny Baker, thus allowing all the ability to write a silly headline. In the second, a house where the actor was filming a drama was raided by police after neighbors reported the film crew as being there to shot a porn flick.

Behind the CGI. The New York Daily News has a nice piece profiling the Clone Wars voice talent.

In Concert. Naturally the tour is getting some (digital) ink; L.A. Times’ Hero Complex talked to several folks, including host Anthony Daniels; Pheonix New Times’ Benjamin Leatherman was not particularly impressed, though he did give the masses a say. (Ahh, Twitter. Removing the journalist’s need to actually talk to people for comment since 2006.) As for the places where it’s yet to come, Chicago Now’s Geek to Me and The Ottawa Citizen have taken notice.

Star Wars fans and personalities unite to help victims of Australian bushfires

The bushfires that raged in the Australian state of Victoria earlier this year killed more than 200 and left over 7000 homeless. The fires may be snuffed, but the victims are still hurting, and Star Wars fans have banded together to help them.

Though there are plenty of items up on Ebay now, including signed photographs from David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch and Bonnie Piesse. But of particularly of interest to EU fans is a chance to get a namesake (tuckerized) character in the fifth Clone Wars novel by Karen Miller or a yet-unannounced Star Wars book (!) from Sean Williams. And Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta are offering an original manuscript from one of the Young Jedi Knights novels.

Prowse claims LFL owes him for ROTJ SE

David Prowse can sometimes be a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to Lucasfilm, so I’m not sure if it’s worth taking this report – that he got no money for the Return of the Jedi Special Edition because it didn’t make a profit – entirely seriously. In any case, Lucasfilm disagrees, and says that Prowse’s claim is “not accurate.” (Thanks to Diane – and her father – for the tip!)

David Prowse treated for cancer, but feeling fine

The actor behind the original trilogy’s Darth Vader revealed he’s been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer today on British Radio.

Hoping to raise money for London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, the actor, 73, told the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show: “I’m involved with the Royal Marsden Hospital appeal because I’m undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, would you believe. I’m having my very last treatment this morning.

“I’ve had two months’ radiotherapy treatment at the Royal Marsden. It’s the most fantastic hospital you could ever wish to go to.”

He went on to say he now feels “fantastic”. Our best wishes go out to Mr. Prowse for a continued recovery!

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The midweek catchup

Battlefront: Renegade Squadron came out yesterday. TOS keeps on trucking with a look at the game’s weapons and more Q&As


Celebration Europe updates; Disney guests

Charlie Ross is taking his One Man Star Wars Trilogy over the sea to Celebration Europe; David Prowse, Ray Park, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, and Temuera Morrison are confirmed guests.

We also get the guest list for this year’s Disney Star Wars Weekends.