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Movie News: JLA, Potter, X-Files

Justice League of America script might have leaked. Emphasis on the might, but there are possible spoilers. In slightly more plausible news (it’s from Variety!) Jessica Biel may step into Wonder Woman’s boots. Well, we know she’s kicked ass before, but is she superhero material? I don’t foresee any complaints from the Karrdes.

Meanwhile, in another franchise…

Potter! Potter!

The release date for the DVD of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now being reported as December 11.

With the start of filming for Half-Blood Prince just around the corner, more casting news is finally becoming available. David Thewlis will be returning as Remus Lupin and James and Oliver Phelps will apparently be back as the Weasley twins (woot!).

Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe is nervous about being naked on Broadway.

It’s Potter Time

Some 7,000 fans showed up at Sunday’s world premiere of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in London’s Leicester Square.

Young fans tell “The Times” the newest film is the “best so far — by far”.

A Winnipeg-based band called the Wyrd Sisters has failed to get an injunction to block the release of the film in Canada. Members of the band claim JK Rowling stole the name from them. The lawsuit is still pending. (Errr… no comment)

And finally, Daniel Radcliffe hopes the bespectacled young hero he portrays in the films will buy the moisture farm in the last installment.

“I would like Harry to die at the end of that seventh book. I think it would be a very good ending if he had to die in order for evil Voldemort to die”, Radcliffe said.

Of course, it won’t matter much to him since he isn’t sure he’ll be back for the last two movies anyway.