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Upcoming releases: Street dates!

The Random House site has added dates for the following releases:

As we learned last time, nothing is set in stone, but you’re probably safe penciling these dates in. Don’t forget, our Star Wars book release schedule is always available in the sidebar.

Upcoming releases: Mark your calender!

Prepping for the new year, I’ve gone through and updated our Star Wars book schedule with several upcoming release dates. Please note that all these dates are from Random House, and no doubt subject to change. (Write them in pencil.)

Our releases page is always linked on the sidebar, if you ever find yourself in need.

As for you comic fans, even I don’t have the patience to track those crazy ever-changing release dates for more than a few days in advance, but I can throw you a bone – the preview for Dark Times #8, which may or may not come out at the end of the month.

Updating the Encyclopedia

Word comes from the starwars.com boards that there’s a new Star Wars Encyclopedia in the works. The last one came out in 1998 – before even TPM! Sue Rostoni says:

It’s true, there is a new Encyclopedia in the works. A volume that will update ongoing entries. Stuff that hasn’t changed (i.e., “hydrospanner”) won’t be duplicated in this second volume. A pub date hasn’t been set in duracrete yet, but we’re looking at Fall 2008 as a possible release time. The format will be the same as the first volume, to keep it as a “set.” That’s about all that’s been discussed at this point.

Also, the Coruscant Nights trilogy is being pushed back to 2008. Better than a year between each volume for a paperback trilogy, I guess.