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Video: Conan O’Brien takes on same-sex relationships in Star Wars games

Addressing the latest round of the ‘gays in Star Wars controversy last night, Conan O’Brien found some other characters that might benefit.

I’d like to take this opportunity to link (again) Todd Alcott’s post on Darth Vader and Boba Fett in ESB. OTP!

Video: Seth Green on Conan

Green makes the Robot Chicken Star Wars III rounds out to TBS to talk about his wife, his childhood acting career and his trip with ‘Conan’ to New York and Robot Chicken toys. (There are Robot Chicken toys?) There’s an actual clip in there somewhere!

He’s also getting ink over at Hero Complex, where he reveals that a Mara Jade joke was cut out of the show. Now what will I laugh wildly at? NOW WHAT?!?

UPDATE: And again (with Matthew Senreich) at Big Shiny Robot.

The fandom minute: Dixie Cups, Jackson’s collection, fan art, Conan O’Brien, Yoda’s self-help debut

Collecting. Star Wars Dixie Cups of yore. Or, get a virtual tour of Michael Jackson’s game room/collection gallery, which includes some great Star Wars stuff.

Fan Art. Tom Whalen’s stylized Return of the Jedi poster.

TV. Conan O’Brien jokes about the Vader toaster. I’m just relieved that someone else is underwhelmed by it.

Jedi, heal thyself. Only What You Take With You: Paths to confronting your fears, battling your demons and fufilling your potential.

Our BNFs can beat up your BNFs, but do they have the buns to be Princess Leia?

IGN lists their top ten cool Star Wars nerds. Honorees include Conan O’Brien, Seth Green, Kevin Smith, Samuel L. Jackson and… Oh, screw it, go read.

In other list news, Princess Leia’s buns top movie hairdo poll, beating out Marge Simpson, Audrey Herburn and John Travolta. That, my friends, is cultural permanence.

Conan Antonio Motti, big on the Internet

George gaves Admiral Motti a full name on Conan the other night – after Conan – and some people are shocked and awed that Wookieepedia already reflects the change. Obviously they’ve never looked at the site during the run-up to a book release! Wookieepedians are always lurking around looking for bits of new canon… Or ‘canon,’ as the case may be.