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Today in The Clone Wars: Six new commercials

StarWars.com posted six TV spots this morning. They’re all kind of blurring together for me at this point so I’m not sure if these are new or the same ones that’ve been knocking around, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Dark Day, above. The others: Around the Galaxy, New Apprentice, Never Before Seen, Legends, and Untold Story.

And here are a few more reviews for you: IESB, the AP, and Newsday’s Pet Rock blog. Meanwhile, The Guardian’s Ben Child looks into the ’embargo’ that killed Harry Knowles’ review.

Video Monday

America got that awful Coldplay vid when all six movies came on TV for the first time. What did the Brits get? Two awesome in-universe promos for weather and travel and two almost songvid type things spotlighting heros and villians that completely fail at making me feel embarrassed to be a fan. Spike TV, take notes: Our national pride is at stake. Don’t suck!

Vader Dad. Public service announcements for the win!

Snape is too sexy. This is pretty old (I know you’ve seen the icons) but I’ve never blogged it and I don’t think it ever stops being funny. Note: This is the kind of Flash that will give epileptics fits.

More, more more!

“Are you an angel?”

Trying to keep up, but my internet is still fond of taking long vacations and I have to go to work tomorrow. Work? In the middle of this? What was I thinking?

On starwars.com: another new commercial, and a blogging service for Hyperspace members.

ROTS is up and off at Cannes, and they loved it. Although possibly for political reasons, but you take what you can get. ( Lucas says differently.) TFN has more Cannes stuff, if you have an overwhelming urge to see what Natalie Portman looks like bald.

The movie is still riding high with 81% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, bless their review-gathering hearts.

However, any review that starts with a paragraph about things coming out of nostrils is probably not going to be positive. Sure enough, The New Yorker was unimpressed with ROTS. I also have to wonder if the reviewer has ever seen A New Hope or his eyes ever registered the Millenium Falcon, with him going on about how ‘sterilized’ the GFFA is. And, horror of horrors, he quotes some Anakin/Padme dialouge that might make me retch more than the “angel” line from TPM. That’s about when I stopped reading. (Via kottke)

Luckily, I got to cleanse my brain with an article on Ian McDiarmid, a slideshow from Forbes on Star Wars flops , and for extra bitterness, IGN’s list of the lamest characters, half of which, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably forgotten existed. If that’s a little too much bitterness, they also have a 10 best background character list. Corpsey the Ewok. Hehe.