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Video: Nerdist animates Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars plot from Parks and Rec

Back in April, Patton Oswalt appeared on Parks and Rec and delivered a citizen filibuster outlining his plot for Star Wars episode VII, incorporating the Marvel universe, and a full version of the improvised rant popped up on the internet for all to see. Now Nerdist has gone ahead and animated the rant, to help bring Oswalt’s vision to two-dimensional life.

The fandom minute: Comedy, charity, fanboy brawling and everything in-between

Too soon?Video: io9 has a fine collection of Star Wars-themed stand-up videos, some of which we’ve seen before. They also discovered Darth Vader’s Psychic Hotline.

Margaret Cho: Braiding of the beast

Popmatters asks comedian Margaret Cho the eternal question: Star Trek or Star Wars? Her answer:

Star Wars for sure. I have never seen anything Star Trek. I love sci-fi, but I’m more Star Wars-oriented. I’m totally obsessed with Chewbacca. He’s incredible.

I’m a bit of an insomniac, and so when I can’t sleep, I think about brushing Chewbacca, getting all the tangles out. I bet he is really tangled and needs some of that ‘no more tears’ spray. So I would use a wide tooth comb. I also think about braiding Chewbacca. Like two long, French braids on either side of his body. I bet he would look really good if his hair was braided.