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From the Blogside

Imadra_blue ponders fan fiction and fandom thinking and the two great loves of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life. She also considers Anakin/Obi-Wan, canon, and believability, an issue Shoiryu has some thoughts on as well.

Pablo mocks the masses with 1977 Blog Titles. If you actually read blogs.starwars.com, this is hilarious. On a more serious note, annotations to week 3 of the Rookies webstrip. Paul joins in on the webstrip action with a update on Evasive Action #3.

Another interesting VIP blog: Dan Wallace on the never-published Clone Wars Sourcebook.

Rabidfangurl rants on fanfic and fandom. To which I say, hell yeah. Fangirl beatdown posse meets on Tuesday.

The Dark Moose considers Star Wars… with lawyers. Been there, done that.

Rive Caedo on returning to the roots of Star Wars. On a similar note, 101 Reasons Firefly is better than Star Wars! Funny because it’s true. Or not. Your choice.

Lazypadawan has a ‘fair and balanced’ review of Outbound Flight. It looks like she subscribes to the theory that every second Zahn character is a Mary Sue, but I found most of her points pretty on target. (I myself have harbored Suerific thoughts re: Thrawn and VOTF Mara, so to each their own.) EU fans may also be interested in Suzanne’s overview of the Dark Nest trilogy.

Convention updates

AICN reports from WonderCon. Not much news, but confirmation that Celebration 4 is still in consideration for 2007.

Of more interest may be RebelScum’s coverage of Toy Fair – they have galleries of many of the new toys coming out, including Gentle Giant’s super cool Star Wars Animated line, which are original trilogy figures done in the style of the Clone Wars cartoon. The chioces are a little odd – Vader, Leia, Boba Fett, and… an Ithorian?

It also appears there’s a Mara Jade mini-bust coming out, the first Mara figure over an inch tall since the POTF2 figure back in ’98.

Monday SW updates are DVDlicious

Clone Wars Volume 2 won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Dressing a Galaxy, an exhibit of costumes from all six films, opened today in Los Angeles. Probably too early to tell if the exhibit will tour.

Hyperspace members get a peek at the ROTS DVD. Meanwhile, the New York post managed to catch up with Lucas (Bugmenot for login) while he was in NYC for a fashion week preview of the costume exhibit, and got a few quotes about the DVD and the TV show. And finally, TFN reports that buying the DVD at Wal-mart will get you a bonus DVD.

Insider #80

The next Insider, due in subscriber mailboxes somethime this week, features a cover article about the next round of Clone Wars cartoons, interviews with Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee, a history of the Mandalorians and a tour of Jango and Boba Fett’s apartment set, as well as the usual Prequel Update, and all new photos (including a pic that’s already setting Anakin fangirls around the off in high-pitched squees of lust.) Non subscribers can expect the issue in stores by the end of the month.

Tales of the scroll

Now Playing magazine has an interview with Genndy Tartakovsky about the upcoming episodes of Clone Wars:

“After the first batch we were all exhausted, and we were starting to move on to do other things,” explains the animator. “And then all of a sudden we were contacted that they wanted to do another batch. And I wasn’t really interested in doing another one because I thought, ‘Well, it’s really hard.’ And I thought more Clone Wars is not going to be as interesting. But then I met with George and he told me he wanted to do a story where it ties in exactly to the beginning of Episode III, and that got me excited because it seemed like it’s really part of the mythology, and it’s coming from George himself — that he respected [Clone Wars] so much that he wanted us to tell the story of the scroll from Episode III.”