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TV Crunch Time

So many genre offerings this year, so little audience to go around. How are things going?

In the happy news category, Chuck has gotten the order for a full season. And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is gearing up by asking for fan-made posters. And now that series 1 of Torchwood is wrapping up, the teasing begins with all the cool guest stars for series 2 (i.e., James Marsters).

In the sad news category, Journeyman appears about to leap into the Land of Cancellation. He apparently won’t be terribly lonely as Bionic Woman is about to join him. And even though all of this is speculation, at the very least, Katee Sackhoff hasn’t exactly given it much enthusiastic support on the con circuit.

Genre TV Bits and Bobs

This is shaping up to be an odd TV season. Things are good. (Many new attempts at genre shows.) Things are bad. (Writers’ strike.)

– After a strong start Bionic Woman is on life support.

– However, Chuck (okay…not technically sci-fi, but still geeky) is picking up steam; even while Heroes struggles.

– And why is Heroes struggling? Well, producer Tim Kring is admitting to making some mistakes with how this season’s story is unfolding. (I’m still enjoying it, but there are some valid points.)

Lost fans have some happy and not-so-happy news as the season will start, but the writers’ strike will mean that it will abruptly stop.

Still holding on?

The commitment-phobic Big Three networks are apparently giving the TV version of a promise ring to several new genre shows. According to E!’s Watch With Kristin, Chuck, Bionic Woman and Journeyman have gotten orders for a few more scripts.

Okay, not the ringing endorsement of the rest of a full season, but better than dropping them altogether. And it gives them a little time to either find some audience or hang it up.

This fall, on NBC…

Upfront season has begun, when the networks announce their programming for fall. First to bat is NBC, which is retaining the genre hit Heroes and giving it a spin-off, Origins, which will run in the same time slot in the off season (whenever that may be.) Among the brand-new shows is the Bionic Woman remake and Journeyman, in which Rome’s Kevin McKidd as a time-traveling reported, and Chuck, about a computer geek who becomes a government agent. Check out NBC.com for previews of the new shows.