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The fandom minute: Comedy, charity, fanboy brawling and everything in-between

Too soon?Video: io9 has a fine collection of Star Wars-themed stand-up videos, some of which we’ve seen before. They also discovered Darth Vader’s Psychic Hotline.

Book highlights the work of Hasbro photographer

Insight is a collection of action figure photographs by Hasbro’s Gianni Lopergolo, who is living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Hasbro is selling the collection – which features mainly photographs of their Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Marvel lines, to help raises funds for his family and others suffering from the disease.

The week in Star Wars and SDCC… So far

The One-Armed Wampa and Death StarObligatory adorableness. A variety of artists transformed blank Mighty Muggs into custom Star Wars figures (including at least two Georges and I think a Steve Sansweet) for The Empire Muggs Back project. The results will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con and auctioned off to raise funds for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We should get a closer look soon, but for now my favorites are at right.

The lineup. StarWars.com has a list of Star Wars folks appearing at the official and licensee booths.

Begin your planning. The official Comic-Con schedule is up! If you a search on ‘Star Wars’ you’ll see some additional events that may be of interest… Or not.

EUbits: Charity windfall, FOTJ, Bohnhoff, TOR

Good news, everyone! Several of the initial auctions in the Australian bushfire charity effort wrapped up this week, with the character name rights both netting impressive takes – $1,725 for Karen Miller and $1,028.75 for Sean Williams.

Star Wars fans and personalities unite to help victims of Australian bushfires

The bushfires that raged in the Australian state of Victoria earlier this year killed more than 200 and left over 7000 homeless. The fires may be snuffed, but the victims are still hurting, and Star Wars fans have banded together to help them.

Though there are plenty of items up on Ebay now, including signed photographs from David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch and Bonnie Piesse. But of particularly of interest to EU fans is a chance to get a namesake (tuckerized) character in the fifth Clone Wars novel by Karen Miller or a yet-unannounced Star Wars book (!) from Sean Williams. And Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta are offering an original manuscript from one of the Young Jedi Knights novels.

The fandom minute: Lightsaber restrictions, 501st helmet project, Falcon song, LEGO nativity

Clearly there's a whole different set of problems in-universeFacepalm du jour: Woolworths in the U.K. is requiring that people must be 18 or old to purchase a cheap plastic lightsaber, because it might be mistake for a gun. Meanwhile, I bet anyone can go into the hardware section and buy a working flashlight fully capable of braining a full-grown man.

The Clone Wars: ‘Bombad Jedi’ aftermath

StarWars.com has the obligatory updated episode guide and a video commentary. Also, a very pretty screenshot of that slug-thing, seen above.