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On the fence about Celebration Anaheim?

It may not be the ‘trailer’ we’re waiting for – this Celebration Anaheim video won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. But it will make you really want to go to Celebration. Most of the footage seems to come from Celebration Europe in Germany and Celebration VI in Orlando.

News? Well, there’s the artist list, which includes plenty of familiar names.

Celebration Anaheim on track to be “the biggest one yet”


Celebration Anaheim (or, as known to us rebels, Celebration VII) now has a poster, revealed on Hero Complex. And it looks like sales are good:

“It’s going to be really interesting, because we are way ahead with ticket sales from where we usually are this far out,” said Mary Franklin, senior events and fan relations lead for Lucasfilm. “I feel safe saying this is going to be the biggest one yet.”

Mary goes on to play coy about The Force Awakens stuff at the con, but… We know, Mary. We know.

Celebration Anaheim: Filoni confirmed, know your deadlines

Celebration VII Lest we forget there’s a Celebration coming up in the spring, StarWars.com has provided us with a few deadlines and reminders.

First of all, Dave Filoni is, once again, the convention’s first confirmed guest. Because of course Dave Filoni is going to be there. By April, we’ll presumably have seen the first season of Rebels and be all geared up to hear about the second.

Also returning is Gus Lopez and his Collecting Track and the Art Show. What’s new is a Podcast Stage, which is bound to be… Something. There’s also deadlines for fan programming submissions, fan-built props and fan tables. Media registration opens October 15.

Celebration Anaheim stage hosts announced

Celebration VII The new Insider has named the stage hosts for next year’s Celebration Anaheim. Returning are James Arnold Taylor (Celebration Stage,) David Collins (Digital Stage) and Gus Lopez (Collecting Track.) There are new hosts for the Behind-The-Scenes stage, which has been the domain of Pablo Hidalgo for the past several cons: Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac McInerney of RebelForce Radio. Is Pablo too busy with his Story Team duties? Will he only be acting as a panelist, in line with his Story Team duties? We worry.

Rumors: Spy hints at Episode VII actors, planets

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Jedi News’ Jedi Master SQL has emerged yet again for a lengthy Q&A about Episode VII. There’s a fair amount of speculation on his part, but here are the bullet points:

  • Lucasfilm is sitting on “a stack of news that could be released at any moment that they please.”
  • On returning actors, he’s “only seen evidence for one of [the Big 3] having signed,” and it “would not surprise me if they did not all come back for Episode VII but maybe came back at varying points in the new trilogy.” Last time we heard from him he said Harrison Ford’s deal was nearly in place.
  • He says “the Expanded Universe won’t be disappearing anytime soon,” Dark Horse is likely to keep the comic license and “you can expect to see their logo on a lot of very different Star Wars products than just comics.”
  • He hints “The Old Republic has added a planet that has long been mentioned but never seen on film,” and that has something to do with Episode VII. (UPDATE: Lightsaber Rattling thinks this may be Corellia, which will be familiar to EU fans but has never been seen on screen.)
  • As for new actors, he says an “exceptional level of work going into finding the right cast for the new films.” Names he’s recently heard attached to roles are Emmanuelle Chriqui, Alexis Dziena, and American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga.

He also chatted about the next Celebration, saying that it may be the launchpad for the real Episode VII blitz.

So that’s a few things to chew on… but as always, just rumors!

Let’s not lose our heads over the lack of Episode VII news this summer

Don't lose your head!

For all intents and purposes, convention season is now over for Star Wars fans. At least, con season in the sense of expecting big announcements.

In all honesty, it’s a bit of a relief. There are no more obvious ‘deadlines.’ News could break at any time, and it probably will. But I fully expect that John Williams returning will remain the biggest officially sanctioned news of the summer… And let’s not forget the rumors will only get bigger from here – just look at the Ian McDiarmid one we got last night.

Is it frustrating that we didn’t get any further announcements at Celebration Europe and D23? Yes, of course. But as Bleeding Cool points out, they don’t owe us anything at this point. They’ll tell us something when they’re ready to tell us something, and not a moment before. As Pablo Hidalgo said in our comments yesterday:

There are no casting ‘secrets’. If someone hasn’t been signed, they haven’t been cast. That’s what triggers an announcement. That’s why everyone who has been announced has been announced when they were.

That’s why these things emerge as ‘rumors’ first – because Lucasfilm can’t say anything until the ink is dry. So the rumors aren’t going away, and yes, some of them will be complete bullshit because that’s the way the game is played. That’s our lot, if we’re going to be following the films this closely.

I know this is a fandom of mighty whiners, but can we please, please, please just learn already to be patient for official news and confirmations? We have years of this roller coaster ahead of us, and the hand-wringing act is already getting old. I pretty much guarantee you that the folks in charge know far more about making a film than any of us do; We don’t need to ‘worry’ about them under the guise of wanting things revealed.

It’s not wrong to want things; we all want official casting confirmations. We’ve all got carried away at one point or another. Everyone in geek media is starved for more: Actors simply saying that they’d like to be in Episode VII regularly make headlines; last night’s Ian McDiarmid rumor is making the rounds today. But we have to stop demanding. Lucasfilm and Disney owe us a movie sometime in 2015 and that’s about it. I assure you they want this thing made just as much as we want to see it, and when the time comes to promote it, they will do so. But it’s not quite that time yet, so: Patience.

It’s still early, after all, and I’m sure we’ll get yet another rumor – crazy or not – before the end of the month in any case.

Celebrations to go without numerals from here on out

Celebration VII Verifying what many of us had already guessed, TheForce.Net says that Lucasfilm has told them that future Celebrations will no longer use the roman numeral designations, but be called by their location and/or year – so instead of Celebration VII, the 2015 convention is offically “Star Wars Celebration 2015″ or “Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.”

The decision seems a little odd as, with Episode VII, the cons would still actually line up with their corresponding movies. Is it a hint that the conventions will be moving to a yearly schedule to keep up with the spin-off films as well as the Episodes?

The Celebrations began with Episode I in 1999, and were tied to movie release years during the prequels. After Revenge of the Sith and Celebration III (2005) the U.S. Celebrations kept to the triennial schedule with Celebration IV (2007) and Celebration V (2010.) With 2012’s Celebration VI, the con was moving to a biannual schedule. What the future holds for them after 2015… Well, we’ll see, I guess.

Still, Celebration VII will remain Celebration VII in our hearts… Or at least, our tags.