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Orlando bound: Celebration VI begins Thursday!

Not surprisingly, posting from here on out will be a bit spotty due to Celebration. We will be covering the con, but it’s likely that any news will appear on Twitter first. Follow @ClubJade and @JamesJawa for real-time reports!

We’ll also have a bit of swag to give out: SPF 66 buttons! They’re small, just 1″ – perfect for hanging off lanyards, or wherever you find the space. Watch the Twitters to find us and get one of your own. (I also have a few bracelets left over from CV, but not all that many!)

In the meantime, here’s a quick look back at our convention tips:

  1. Vacation-ize your Twitter. I put mine into motion today.
  2. Clothes and shoes! Outside it’s Orlando, but inside it’s Hoth.
  3. Be nice to the volunteers!
  4. Expand your horizons. Try new things.
  5. There will be lines, but you don’t (usually) need to camp. As pertains to panels, anyway.
  6. Cameras, phones, camera phones and sharing your photos.
  7. Navigating the autograph hall. It ain’t like dusting crops, boy!
  8. #The basics of bags. Things worth carrying.
  9. Beware the con crud. No one likes to get sick at con.
  10. Watch out for the rumor mill. Stay informed.
  11. Time to pack! Suitcase up!
  12. Photographing fans in costume. Our most popular guide!
  13. Keeping in touch with texting and apps.
  14. Don’t be a creeper, or, basic human decency 101
  15. The quick guide to Q&As.
  16. Showering is good, and other miscellany. A place to add or ask about anything else.

Convention tips #16: Showering is good, and other miscellany

Well, this is it: The last of our tips, at least for this round. (I’m sure we’ll all have tons more ideas at the con, though.)

Bathe. Shower. Every day at the very least. I have to say that generally Celebration is one of the least stinky cons that I’ve attended, but still, it’s worth saying. Also, deodorant! Toothpaste! Breath mints! And no, excessive perfume/body spray is not an acceptable substitute and can in fact be almost as bad as BO.

→ If you’re costuming, be sure to get familiar with the weapons policy.

→ From Eliz: “Beware the menus shoved under your door. Never order from somewhere that you have not verified with the front desk at least first. Most of those convenient menus are there as part of a scam. They may have outlawed the practice, and I’m annoyed hotels don’t do a better job policing who is wandering their halls, but I’d expect to see at least one of these. Again, the front desk people are your best bet on who to order out from. Also consider reviews on Yelp and Foursquare, but those could be fluffed up as well.

→ From Carla: “Walk through the dealer room at least once before buying anything, so you can get the best price. Exchanges/returns may be problematic. Buy responsibly. Think about whether you can afford something and where you’re going to put it before making a purchase. It’s easy to get carried away. That said I like to bring more cash than I actually plan to spend, just in case.”

Did we miss something? Now is the time to pitch in with your best hints, if it doesn’t fall under anything else we’ve covered.

EUbits: Last-minute Celebration updates and more

Celebration VI Lots of schedule-posting has been going around. Leland Chee has his at the StarWars.com blog, while the official CVI site has the Barnes & Noble booth signing schedule. Troy Denning, Drew Karpyshyn, Jason Fry, and John Jackson Miller have their schedules up as well.

The blogside. Miller wrote a nice post on Star Wars things you probably don’t remember for the TOS blog, including a version of Heir to the Empire that came with an overwrap. Meanwhile, Pete Morrison goes into Encyclopedia Brown mode to deduct what Jason Fry is working on now.

Interview. Linda Hansen-Raj talks to Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro at the Fangirl blog.

Reviews. A couple more looks at Mercy Kill from Brian at Tosche Station and Kirkus. And James reviews the Bruce Lee vs Darth Maul smackdown of The Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters digest.

Convention tip #15: The quick guide to Q&As

Everyone loves a Q&A, but here are a few thing we’ve picked up over the years.

The key, the big uno, the biggest thing you should do: Keep it snappy. The more succinct your question is, the more time the panelists have to answer it. Andrew: “Know what your question is ahead of time, and don’t ramble.” Bethany: “One question. Not a three part question, no follow ups. Numero uno is the way to go.” Nancy: “Have a second question in mind in case someone ahead of you asks your first question,” and “Avoid “yes/no” questions.”

Plenty more beneath the cut!

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Convention tip #14: Don’t be a creeper, or, basic human decency 101

There’s been a lot of talk about people being inappropriate at conventions lately, in large part because of an incident at ReaderCon last month with author Genevieve Valentine. (Here’s a very long list of all the posts/responses/reaction.) It’s a disturbing story, in large part because it’s by no means uncommon, and thus something I felt I had to address in this series.

Yes, a lot of the things under the cut are ‘common sense’ about treating people respectfully and acting like a functional adult in public. But not common enough, sadly.

There was one incident at the last Celebration that was widely publicized. Was it the only one? Was it even the most extreme? I can’t say. I do know I’ve seen at least one woman talk about being made to felt uncomfortable by other attendees at CV, and that’s more than enough reason to write this.

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Convention tip #13: Keeping in touch

As nice as it would be to have your convention buddies at your side 24/7, we know it doesn’t always work that way.

Get as many phone numbers as you can before the fact. Add them to your phone at leisure and avoid typos.

Practice basic phone courtesy in panels. Turn your ringer to silent or vibrate, don’t be afraid to send people directly to voicemail. Make sure your alerts and rings are unobtrusive or set to silent/vibrate. No one is going to be impressed by your ‘awesome’ ringtone if it disturbs the panel.

Texting is generally better than actually phoning someone. It’s much less disruptive, and that way your pals have the info when they do check their phone, instead of having to call you back to get it. (And also, some of us may be live-tweeting panels!) Diane: “It’s much much easier to get a good-enough cell signal to text than to do phone calls or email.” (Be warned that if you don’t have unlimited texting, you might go over your limit. It might be worth it to call up your provider and see if they can switch you to unlimited texting for just one month. It’s also a good time to unsubscribe any text alert subscriptions you may get from local news and such.)

Group messaging. If you’ll be with a large group, and most of them have smartphones, have everyone sign up for a free app called GroupMe. Eliz: “Instead of calling 10 people, you send out one text to a defined group and have them respond to the text. The app is available for most systems.” Bonus: It uses a lot less memory (at least on iOS) than Facebook Messenger.

Convention tip #12: Photographing fans in costumes


A convention is a great place for taking photos: there’s plenty of cool things worth turning into con memories — celebrity sightings, cool displays, and plenty of people in costumes. At a Star Wars convention, expect most of the costumers to be your fellow fans, so here’s some important etiquette for taking pictures of or with folks in costume:

The basic rule: A person in a costume is still a person. Acknowledge them and treat them with respect. Here’s how: Continue reading

Put your hands up! Join the Party Rock Cantina flashmob Saturday at Celebration VI!

Remember that Party Rock Cantina Band video that was going around last month? We’re going to recreate it at Celebration VI as a flash mob. Because really, where else would you do it?

Anyone attending CVI is welcome to join in– just watch and practice the dance tutorial video (above!) beforehand, then show up in the Hall C Lobby (the one that had the giant AT-AT at CV) at 4:30 pm on Saturday. Costumes are highly encouraged but certainly not required. And don’t worry if you think you aren’t a great dancer– this is all about being ridiculous, so just try your best! Please RSVP to our Facebook events page so we have a rough idea of how many people to expect.

We’re still looking for photographers/videographers as well as a way to play the music loudly. Local? Driving? Dig out your boombox!

Convention tip #11: Time to pack!

Artoo suitcaseNo doubt this weekend will be packing time for many of us. We’ve already touched on the specifics of a lot of the things you’ll want to pack – bags, cameras/phones, sanitation, clothes/shoes, but you still need to get them all there. (Updated 3/20/15 for Celebration Anaheim.)

→ Do all your packing the day before at the very least. If you’re a costumer, you’ve probably already started and you’re probably a pro at this anyway and don’t need any of my paltery advice. But in any case, Bria recommends: “Start making your packing list at least a week in advanced especially if you’re a costumer or else you will forget something.”

→ If you’re flying, remember to check the TSA regulations for carry-ons. Check them now, and check them again right before you leave for the airport. You never know when someone will do something stupid and they change up the regulations. (The incident that sparked the whole limit-the-liquids thing? Happened the very day many Jaders were flying into Indianapolis for GenCon several years back.)

→ Don’t forget to bring photo ID, money, credit cards, health insurance cards and the like. Hey, you never know when you’ll bash your head on a dresser. (Ahem.)

→ Don’t pack your major electronics in your checked luggage. Keep your laptop, phone, their chargers (you can leave extras, if you brought them, in the checked bag) in your carry-on in your possession at all times.

→ If you have locks on your suitcase, make sure they’re TSA locks. Otherwise, the TSA will see to it that your bag arrives with no locks.

→ The plastic zip-top bag is good to use in your checked luggage as well. David: “Use gallon-sized ziplock bags to pack small, important items in the top layer of your bag where you can find them quickly. Bring a few extra bags – they will come in handy for stuff you never would have thought possible. Try hard not to pack more than you truly need.” BAGS WITHIN BAGS. Even for items that won’t leak, I like to put them in reusable bags and pouches: It’s easier to organize and keep like-items together.

→ If you’re driving, bring an extra bag or container for the stuff you’ll buy. If you’re flying, keep in mind what you’ll purchase, leave some room in your bag, and be aware that the USPS and FedEx will be on the premises. On that note, here’s one from Nancy: “I pack a collapsible nylon tote that zips. It’s great as an extra piece of luggage if you end up buying lots of stuff; put the fragile stuff in the suitcase on the way home and your clothes can go in the tote.”

→ Do pack extras, but not too many extras. Keep in mind what you’re likely to buy at the con – do you need to pack a t-shirt for every day when you know damn well you’ll buy at least 3 of them there? Nancy also suggests “a measuring tape to help with sizing on shirts I might buy when I can’t try them on.”

→ Again: You will want to bring a light jacket. It can get chilly at night in April, even in California.

→ Airlines do have weight limits for bags: Usually 50 pounds. If this is something you think you’ll run into, look into getting a luggage scale.

→ Don’t forget your toiletries! If you travel regularly, or even semi-regularly, keep a bag with travel-size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, and the rest ready to go. (Though don’t forget to check the levels and refill/replace when needed!)

→ Don’t forget pajamas. I’m only saying this because it’s the thing I almost always almost forget to pack.

→ A bag for laundry. Yes, the hotel might have plastic bags, but they’re small and plastic. Get a bag you can throw in with your laundry when you get home. In fact, the first thing you should do when you get home is laundry. Worried about bedbugs? Make it hot. (Warning: Probably not best for printed tees.)

→ And one more from Nancy: “Earplugs are a lifesaver if the hotel is noisy.” Why does that make me think of Dragon*Con?

If you’re a costumer and looking for specific advice, I apologize for my ignorance. But I did find a nice printable cosplay packing checklist from Team Blasé. This is a fertile topic, so cosplayers and well-traveled fans alike, please share more in the comments if you note any glaring omissions.

Pablo takes on Del Rey and Brian Daley Friday at CVI

Pablo Hidalgo looks at Day 2 on the Behind the Scenes stage, which starts off with the Del Rey panel and ends with a tribute to Brian Daley. Also, Warwick Davis, Hasbro, the Ralph McQuarrie retrospective, and model making. You know where we’ll be next week!

Not that Pablo says he expects the Del Rey panel to “be dominated by audience Q&A,” so start thinking up some good questions… I’ll have a few general Q&A tips early next week.

And Aaron Allston has posted his signing and panel schedule. We got Zahn’s the other day. UPDATE: And here’s Del Rey’s full Celebration VI schedule.