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Celebration VI: Hasbro’s Jedi Mara Jade Skywalker figure has a new sculpt, same catsuit

Well, this is disappointing… Hasbro revealed their new Mara Jade Skywalker figure at Celebration VI – the Jedi one we voted for in hopes she’d be wearing something other than the catsuit. Well, as expected, the figure is wearing the catsuit anyway… And sporting the wrong lightsaber to boot, so there are certainly going to be some disappointed Mara fans out there. In any case, start looking for the figure in the spring.

Thanks to Phil of ASMZine for the heads-up – check out the figure, plus further thoughts and the possibility of another – under the cut.

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Celebration VI: Photos from Sunday

And for the last day of Celebration VI – more photos! The Sunday edition of photos from Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando. We’ve got some of the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience, Sunday’s Bounty Hunt, me in the Random House Audio booth, and hanging out after the close, and of course, random costumes and coolness.

And if you missed them:

Celebration VI: More details on Young Jedi

So yesterday I reported on the kids-focused screening of Young Jedi at Star Wars Celebration VI. Today I checked in with a few sources about what Young Jedi is all about. My first assumption about Young Jedi while viewing it was that it was going to be a story arc on The Clone Wars this season, but one thing I immediately noticed was the lack of a The Clone Wars title card – merely the Young Jedi logo. The screening definitely felt like it could be broken apart into several episodes of the show in terms of the storyline.

Afterwards, I heard about George Lucas’ mention of a younger-audience series during another panel, and thought that Young Jedi would fit the bill as a spinoff of The Clone Wars for younger audiences, and Lucas’ presence in the audience was his way to gauge audience reaction. Did the kids and parents in the audience get a sneak peek at an early version of the pilot? I got a chance to talk to someone with an in on the project. Continue reading

Celebration VI: AOTC and ROTS 3D coming next fall; Celebration is going to Germany!

Literally just announced at the Closing Ceremonies here at Celebration VI: Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in 3D will be released mere weeks apart next year, and the second Celebration Europe will be held in Germany, also next year.

Attack of the Clones 3D will come out on September 20, 2013, followed by Revenge of the Sith 3D on October 11, 2013! Fans in the Closing Ceremonies got to see clips of both films.

Also announced is the second Celebration in Europe: It’ll be July 26-28, 2013 at the Messe Essen in Essen, Germany. I bet the Belgian modelmakers are relieved!

Celebration VI: The Clone Wars: Young Jedi

So while a lot of focus was on George Lucas at The Clone Wars panel this morning at Star Wars Celebration VI, and the Friday night premiere of the season five opener, fans got another peek at something upcoming in The Clone Wars with Young Jedi. In the Calling All Kids panel, (where all adults had to be accompanied by a child under 11), Dave Filoni introduced Young Jedi, an eighty-four minute screening that is likely to be a four-part story arc on Star Wars: The Clone Wars this season. (Or at least it appears that it could be easily separated into several episodes) With fans getting popcorn and George Lucas sitting in the crowd watching the reactions of the kids and adults in the audience, we were taken on a thrill ride aimed at the children who are the core audience
of the show.

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Celebration VI: Saturday photos

Over one billion photos from Saturday have been uploaded to the Saturday album by the insomniac Jawa. Lots of exhibition floor photos, a few random celebrity sightings, 501st Photo Shoot, Dave Filoni at the Calling All Kids! screening, the Random House Audio panel, the Party Rock Cantina Shuffle flash mob group, and more. OK, not quite a billion. Video will come later, like of the flash mob. Like after Celebration.

Dunc’s recap of Saturday at Celebration VI, part I: George Lucas, The Clone Wars and AOTC 3D

I saw George Lucas this morning! Granted, a lot of people can say that today: He also appeared at The Clone Wars and Detours panels… So far. But I saw him leave the show floor. So at least I have something.

I did get a chance to see the Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit, which includes a Jader-made set of custom Barbies made up as Amidala and handmaiden showgirls.

Almost quirky
After roaming the floor for a bit, chilling in the Star Wars Lounge for a while and catching up with a few folks, I headed over to the Behind the Scenes stage for the Quirky Point of View panel. It was really fascinating, and I’m sorry I had to leave early… To not see George Lucas at The Clone Wars panel. (Sigh.) I did catch the final trailer, which was justifiably pretty neat. But I missed the George chat. C’est la vie. But Tosche Station was there!

Attack of the Clones in 3D
Following The Clone Wars was the first of three panels highlighting the 3D Attack of the Clones with John Knoll and Dennis Muren. Again, Tosche Station and Amy Ratcliffe did nice recaps, but I will say that the AOTC footage they showed was fantastic. It was more of a sizzle reel than an actual trailer, so we saw bits of scenes with Padme’s ship landing/explosion, the Coruscant chase, Kamino, Dex’s Diner and the big ending scene with the clonetroopers, Palpatine and Bail Organa. The 3D did indeed seem deeper than it did on The Phantom Menace, but overall it seems to fit.

Jawajames’ recap in photos of Star Wars Celebration VI Friday

Dunc has covered all the news, and I’m just the guy who takes the pictures. and organizes the Bounty Hunt puzzle hunt event at Celebration. So anyway, here’s some of the best of the photos. If you want to see the full set, I have a photo album just of Friday at Celebration VI (170 shots of the Del Rey panel, cupcakes, Friday Bounty Hunt, random costumes) on flickr. Continue reading

Dunc’s recap of Friday at Celebration VI: Detours, cupcakes, Mark Hamill and more

Today was fairly busy, starting off with the Del Rey panel. It was also the first official reveal of Detours, which I chose not to attend in order to write up Del Rey. This one goes a little beyond just the stuff I was able to attend, if only because of the sheer overlapping amount of big things going on. (Yes: Still exhausting!)

Oh, and apparently The Clone Wars is moving to a Saturday morning debut? Alrighty then. Bryan Young went to the S5 premiere tonight and has posted a review and recap.

Some quick thoughts on Del Rey, Detours, cupcakes, the Essential Reader’s Companion, Mark Hamill and more below the cut.

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