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No time for blog, Dr. Jones

Might as well make this official: Club Jade dot Net is currently on hiatus for Celebration. There may be posting from the con, there may not be posting from the con, quite frankly we’re not really sure, but in the meantime there’s tons to do and most if it is in the real world.

In any case, we recommend you keep your eyes on StarWars.com once things start rolling.

Bring me the helmet of Darth Vader!

With the Celebration news flying so fast lately, it seems next to impossible to get one’s mind around all of it – but I’m pretty sure I’d remember hearing about this – an exhibit of artist-customized Darth Vader helmets. Be sure to check out this a comical take by illustrator Cameron Tiede.

UPDATE: TOS comes through tonight with The Vader Project, and a look at more arty helmets!