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Counting down to Celebration Europe

Mark over at Lightsabre wrote in to share the news that Gerald Home, who played two characters in ROTJ (Tessek aka Squidhead and a Mon Calamari officer) will be signing at the fansite’s table (D-74) in the dealers room on Saturday. A significant portion of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK. Pretty neat for a fansite!

Meanwhile, over at the TOS, we learn of a few more guests (including Kenny Baker, Caroline Blakiston and Michael Culver) and that the Tattoo Competition and Illustrated Trooper are making another appearence at CE,

Celebration Europe newsblasting

Fans at CE will get a first look at the rough cut of Fanboys, along with a Q&A with director Kyle Newman.

Only a week?

Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition

Millions of gamers suddenly cried out in horror upon discovering that the Star Wars game for Wii is just the Lego Star Wars re-release. Poor, poor gamers.

Alderaan shot first