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In the news: Monday morning reading list

  • Cloverfield smashes January box office records, including the one held by the ANH Special Edition.

  • Lightsaber named top movie weapon in 20th Century Fox poll. (Huh.) The Death Star and Indiana Jones’ whip also made the list, and Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones are among the favorite weapon-wielding heroes.
  • Skywalker Sound up for BAFTA for There Will Be Blood.
  • AICN has a report from the cancer-free Fanboys.
  • Ewan McGregor claiming Trainspotting had more influence than Star Wars prequels. On his career, perhaps.

Indy IV rated most anticipated movie and more…

A little round-up from the land of the bullwhip and fedora:

  • Movietickets.com reports that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the most anticipated film to come out in the next twelve months. It tops the list for both men and women. Read more on cnn.com

  • StarWars.com continues their tour of the Young Indiana Jones Volume 1 DVD set: Disc 5 contains 7 documentaries connecting to the episode, Perils of Cupid about Puccini, Freud and the Balkan Powder Keg. Disc 6 contains the episode, Travels with Father, where young Indy meets up with Leo Tolstoy in Russia and Nikos Kazantzakis in Greece, with extras on Russian writers and Greek philosophy. Also, an interview with Lloyd Owen, who portrayed Henry Jones, Sr. (before he grew into Sean Connery)
  • Someone’s got an Indiana Jones-inspired home theater system? Instead of an ark, the TV’s in the Well of Souls! Cables? I hate cables!
  • MTV.com interviews Cate Blanchett on her upcoming movies, including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which apparently is just a big bar of chocolate. But is it dark chocolate?
  • Slashfilm.com get a chance to talk to Steven Spielberg on the Indy IV set.

Sith, Spidey showdown a draw

Sith has tied the Spider-Man 2 record for fastest to $200 million, and it’s now (officially) the biggest movie of 2005.

The Associated Press asks what’s left for fans to fawn over with Star Wars and Star Trek both at an end. They suggest Harry Potter, perhaps not realizing that HP is already the biggest fish in the fandom pond these days. Not to mention Serenity and Battlestar Galactica, which are poised to be the ‘new’ Wars and Trek, respectively.

Aside from box office tidbits, SW news is getting to be scarce again. I’ll have to go back to normal posting, oh horrors!