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Carrie Fisher has a blog (and was on NPR)

First the book, now a blog! She’s been posting regularly for the last couple of weeks on a weblog at CarrieFisher.com. Topics so far range from a party for Milk (with Ewan McGregor!) to the metal bikini and dwarf-eating hippos. A pretty good start, if you ask me. (via)

In related news, Fisher was on NPR this weekend, as a guest on the quiz show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! You can listen to the show online at the link. (via)

The fandom minute: Collector’s marriage still a go; Luke the idiot; Sithcake; Yes, you can haz force

springfieldnewssun.comWhatever happened to the collector from Dr. Phil whose wife tried to shame him into ditching his Star Wars stuff? The Springfield News-Sun follows up. They’re still married, he still has his collection, but he did go on a diet. Score?

Oh shit it’s a Gawker! Everyone get in the car!

The folks over at Gawker have set their sights on a new corner of the interwebs with a science fiction blog, io9. Naturally, SF blogging maestro John Scalzi has a little something to say, invoking the name of Fandom Wank and everything.

And yes, you don’t need to email me, I see their post on Imperial recruitment posters and their list of awesome sci-fi gadgets.