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The Clone Wars, The Force Unleashed help keep the Star Wars money tree shaking

Star Wars has been named the #1 toy license for 2008, thanks to sales that exceed $450 million: It was the year’s most popular licensed toy property. The success of The Force Unleashed and the appearance of 14 Star Wars titles on New York Times bestseller list contributed as well. And StarWars.com has seen a 30% jump in site traffic.

Poll: Legacy of the Force: Revelation

IMAGE: LOTF Revelation pie chartLast week, we asked what you thought of the latest Legacy of the Force book, Karen Traviss’ Revelation. And it turns out most of you… Haven’t read it yet! Shocking.

Out of 112 voters total, 34 of you haven’t read it yet and 26 have no plans to read it. Of those who did, another 26 loved it, 16 thought it was okay, and 5 each went for ‘Meh’ and ‘Didn’t like it.’ The percentages don’t quite add up to 100%, but polls are weird that way.

In other Revelation news, it hit #1 on the New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly mass-market bestseller lists. It’s not totally unprecedented (Fury was #3) but I suspect part of this is that it’s simply not the season for a lot of big releases yet. (Or, Boba Fett fans: Go figure.) We’ll see how Invincible does in May.

Our new sidebar poll, inspired by the season finale of Stargate: Atlantis, is about time travel. It expires next Saturday at midnight. (I promise – no pie charts.)

Fury holds its ground

Usually a book drops down the bestsellers lists from the first to second week of release, but Aaron Allston’s latest LOTF offering is bucking that trend. Fury remains at #4 on the Publishers Weekly listing and slipped only one spot to #4 on the New York Times.

We’re not too surprised since it’s a fabulous read, but all of us at CJ are doing the Happy Emperor Dance nonetheless!