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Remembering The Phantom Menace madness

First up, nineteen pages of production notes, with lots of pictures and video clips from the belly of the beast. Then we have a look at the ‘One’ advertising campaign, and their ten favorite Phantom Menace posters. (I still say that teaser is one of the best posters for any of the movies.)

Over on Twitter, @starwars is soliciting fan memories.

Meanwhile, don’t forget our own TPM poll!

Falcon week continues behind-the-scenes

This morning, StarWars.com takes Hyperspace members back to the making of The Empire Strikes Back with The Last Corellian Shipyard, an article reprinted from the UK Star Wars magazine (at least if Wookieepedia is to be believed) on the the full sized Falcon set built for The Empire Strikes Back by actual shipbuilders in Wales.

For those without Hyperspace, your consolation prize is a look back at the Falcon in video games.

Further reading on The Clone Wars

StarWars.com has interviews with voice actors Tom Kane (Yoda) and James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan and Plo Koon,) as well as new databank entries on King Katuunko, Rugosa and the Twilight.

You also might want to check out this look behind-the-scenes from Animation World, plus additional reviews from Wired and Slate. (UPDATE: io9)

SDCC ’08: Star Wars day brings new Clone clip

A brand-new clip from The Clone Wars, The Battle of Christophsis, debuted (more or less) at the con and more importantly, is now online. Meanwhile, io9 has a video interview with Filoni.

And since Friday was Star Wars day, the official site has a transcript of the Lucasfilm panel (pretty much just The Clone Wars so far,) the making of Clone Wars, and Hasbro’s presentation.