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Saturday @ NYCC ’08: And all the rest

So it seems that Seth Green had the biggest Star Wars news today… But Cinematical has pictures from the New York Comic Con, including one from Steve’s panel and several out-and-about troopers. Keep an eye on the nycc and newyorkcomiccon tags on Flickr for more shots.

Mark Hamill talks Joker to MTV

Like the rest of us, he “can’t wait to see” the latest take on his signature animated character.

“For all those fans that dreamed of an adult approach to the material, ‘Batman Begins’ got nearly everything right,” Mark Hamill wrote to MTV News upon first seeing the trailer for Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight. “I have no doubt this one will be just as good or better.”

Movie News: Pixar, Batman, Trek

Today’s biggie: a new trailer for Pixar’s Wall-E. Sorry Artoo – there’s a new adorable robot in town.


Movie news: Indy 4, JLA, Blade Runner

Rumor Mill of the Crystal Skullindy4tease.jpg

Franchise Madness

And then…

Movie News: JLA, Potter, X-Files

Justice League of America script might have leaked. Emphasis on the might, but there are possible spoilers. In slightly more plausible news (it’s from Variety!) Jessica Biel may step into Wonder Woman’s boots. Well, we know she’s kicked ass before, but is she superhero material? I don’t foresee any complaints from the Karrdes.

Meanwhile, in another franchise…