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Battlestar Galactica costume auction in the works…

Interested in purchasing costumes and props from the Sci-Fi series Battlestar Galactica? Apollo’s or Starbuck’s flight suit? Admiral Adama’s uniform? full size Raptors or Vipers ? (will those even fit in my garage?) Propworx (which has handled Star Trek prop & costume auctions in the past) will be having a series of live and online auctions of 3,000 BSG costumes and props next year, and has started a blog of what they have found in production storage, found at www.battlestarprops.com.

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The TIE fighter model in the Profiles in History auction is expected to fetch up to £100,000, the highest-priced (or, well, estimated) item in the collection. That’s about about $200,000 American. Gotta love the exchange rate… The Crusade Grail is only expected to go for about £12,500, or $25,000.

ANH props and costumes at Profiles in History

Threepio\'s feet

There are several Star Wars items in the latest Profiles in History auction, including Threepio’s feet (above,) a TIE miniature, a Duros latex head cast, an Imperial Officer uniform and X-Wing master molds, all from from A New Hope. The Star Wars items are lots 901-905, but there’s plenty of sci-fi and action film items scattered throughout, including the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade (Lot 916.) You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy paging through the catalog PDF… (Thanks to Rach on the list!)

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Raiding Hollywood’s closet

Samuel L. Jackson’s stunt lightsaber from AOTC and the Staff of Ra headpiece from Raiders of the Lost Ark are among the items in the latest Profiles in History auction. The big tickets are Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume from the 1978 film, and Val Kilmer’s Batman suit (is that the one with the nipples?) from Batman Forever.