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A closer look at upcoming EU figures and toys

IMAGE: NJO Luke figureEU Cantina spotted these images of upcoming action figures, including the three (two spoilery!) variations of TFU’s ‘Secret Apprentice’ unboxed. But the real treat here is a look at the ‘Evolution of the Jedi’ pack, including what I believe is an NJO-era Luke Skywalker and KOTOR figures.

In other EU toy-type news, CJ reader Scoke discovered this giant list of box scans from WOTC’s new Legacy of the Force miniature line, which includes quite a variety of EU figures, from the Old Republic to folks from the Legacy comics.

Force Unleashed toy spoilers!

TFN discovered a Hasbro Evolutions 3-pack that reveals the ‘Secret Apprentice’ (if we don’t get a real name soon I’m just going to settle for Crashdown) in the guises of a Sith Lord and a Jedi. Rebelscum has more pics of what looks to be a large chunk of the TFU line.

Though really, seeing how many secret apprentices Anakin/Vader had, they could probably stand to diversify the field a bit. You know that someone somewhere is chomping at the bit for a Hethrir figure.

The fandom minute

IMAGE: Ryan Kitchel and Deb Fix’s SW Wedding

EU news of the day

SDCC: Expanded Universe figure news!

RebelScum reports that among their rebooted Evolution will be three sets that contain EU figures – Evolution of the Jedi will have a NJO Luke Skywalker, Evolution of the Sith (#2?) contains Darths Bane and Nihilus, and Evolution of the Fetts will have a Mandalore figure. (Looks like KOTOR era, but I could be wrong.)

Hasbro throws the girlfen a bone.Also, expect to see the the HttE and ESB Infinities Comic two packs on shelves in August, and the X-Wing pack (Hobbie! Fel!) in November, with wave 5 following in December.

Also spotted at Hasbro: Yoda & Kybuck, shirtless Anakin from the (first) Clone Wars cartoons; Darth Revan and Darth Malak from the KOTOR games and pre-cyborg Grievous and a McQuarrie concept Chewbacca.

SDCC: Keeping up with the Joneses

indyiv.jpgVideo of yesterday’s Indiana Jones broadcast from Comic-Con. Watch it before it’s gone! Or, watch an official behind the scenes video at the Indy site.