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The fandom minute: What man wouldn’t want to smell like Lando?

Kenner + Hasbro = Art?

Photographers Andrea Robbins and Max Becher have a gallery show at the University of Maryland Baltimore County of photographs including their “Figures” series, which pairs a Kenner SW figure with a corresponding Hasbro figure. A Washington Post reviewer thinks that “recent figures boast six-packs, bulging biceps and narrower waists. Both their femininity and masculinity have ballooned.” I’m not sure that we can blame the 90’s for this; after all, the 70’s brought us the Brothers Hildebrandt.

So are action figures modern art? Decide for yourself at the artists’ site ; scroll down to the Figures link on the left.

Toy Fair: Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Muggs and etc.

Rebelscum has the Hasbro presentation. Comic pack details start at slide 16. There’s also some new figures of interest in the Evolutions line – X-Wing fans, you can finally have a Hobbie to hang out with your Wes and Fel.

IMAGE: The whinest Luke you’ve ever seen.

Toy Fair: LEGOs, Clone Wars, and Legacy figures!

IMAGE: V-19 Torrent

The Official Blog has pictures of new Clone Wars and Indiana Jones LEGO vehicles and sets, fresh from U.S. Toy Fair. Above, the V-19 Torrent. (You can see the Star Wars stuff a tad larger, plus descriptions, over at Gizmodo.) Warning to spoilerphobes: The Indy IV sets look like they contain some location spoilers.

IMAGE: Hasbro’s TCW ArtooWizard has official photos of Hasbro’s Clone Wars line.

Yakface has an impressive gallery of pictures from the Hasbro booth, including some familiar faces from the Legacy comics and other EU faves.

Oh, and Deet? Gentle Giant is coming out with a Shirtless Darth Maul. I thought you should know.

A closer look at upcoming EU figures and toys

IMAGE: NJO Luke figureEU Cantina spotted these images of upcoming action figures, including the three (two spoilery!) variations of TFU’s ‘Secret Apprentice’ unboxed. But the real treat here is a look at the ‘Evolution of the Jedi’ pack, including what I believe is an NJO-era Luke Skywalker and KOTOR figures.

In other EU toy-type news, CJ reader Scoke discovered this giant list of box scans from WOTC’s new Legacy of the Force miniature line, which includes quite a variety of EU figures, from the Old Republic to folks from the Legacy comics.

Force Unleashed toy spoilers!

TFN discovered a Hasbro Evolutions 3-pack that reveals the ‘Secret Apprentice’ (if we don’t get a real name soon I’m just going to settle for Crashdown) in the guises of a Sith Lord and a Jedi. Rebelscum has more pics of what looks to be a large chunk of the TFU line.

Though really, seeing how many secret apprentices Anakin/Vader had, they could probably stand to diversify the field a bit. You know that someone somewhere is chomping at the bit for a Hethrir figure.

The fandom minute

IMAGE: Ryan Kitchel and Deb Fix’s SW Wedding