In the news: Jediism, TFU, Family Guy sales

Just when you thought the whole Jedi church thing couldn’t get any more embarrassing, the Daily Mail comes through with a picture. Thanks a lot, guys. IGN gets hands-on with the Nintendo DS version of The Force Unleashed. Family Guy: Blue Harvest mastered national DVD sales this week, beating out the Dane Cook/Jessica Alba comedy […]

Book review: Introduction to Jedi Knighthood

I have a particular fondness for the independently-published Star Wars philosophy book. People are all over the board in how they see the Force and Star Wars and these books reflect that. Jedi Manual Basics: Introduction to Jedi Knighthood by Matthew Vossler came across to me, from its description, as a book written for kids (another […]

Are stormtroopers softening up America for fascism?

Here’s one for the ‘quite probably taking fandom phenomenon way too seriously’ bin: Suppose tomorrow the Bush administration announces plans to deploy thousands of Homeland Security Troops to American cities, to walk the streets armed in the search for un-American, possibly terrorist activities (such as taking photos where there isn’t anything obviously pretty to be […]

In the news: Harvey Korman, blu-ray, Star Tours

People: Emmy-winning comedic actor Harvey Korman, who died on Thursday, is probably best known for his work on The Carol Burnett Show… But he also had a role in The Star Wars Holiday Special as the four-armed chef Gormaanda. Over at, Bonnie Burton pays tribute. Technology: Yahoo’s Ben Patterson ponders when Star Wars and […]

Yeah yeah, you’re a Jedi, whatever

Jedi Knights demand Britain’s fourth largest ‘religion’ receives recognition. Didn’t that start as a joke? Somehow I doubt that a fourth of the United Kingdom actually believes in the Force. Not to mention (fangirl alert!) that they don’t seem to know the word ‘Jedi’ is both singular and plural: For the protest in Whitehall, the […]