The lulzing: Twilight in Fifteen Minutes

Yeah, that's right: VAMPIRE BASEBALL

Cleolinda, whose Twilight-for-the-lulz obsession has fed all our urges to know more about the not-quite-Harry-Potter event of the year, has come through with Twilight in Fifteen Minutes.

Since we’re on the topic, the movie made an estimated $70.5 million opening weekend, and the sequel was promptly greenlit. Poor Robert Pattinson – there’s no escape for him now.

4 thoughts on “The lulzing: Twilight in Fifteen Minutes

  1. Paula

    Oh my gawd. Thanks for the Twilight Move in 15 Minutes. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    And as if there was any doubt as to sequels?…

  2. Gabri Jade

    Cleolinda is my hero. :D

    But now I have wasted yet another hour of my life following all the links and reading Twilight snark! D:

    But . . . it was kind of fun. :D Darn internet. :p

    In twenty years when VH1 does a Very Special “Where Are They Now?” show and finds Robert Pattinson in an asylum somewhere, it’s all going to come back down to that fateful day that he agreed to play Edward. Poor young fool.

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