Kemp strolls into Bookspot central

Bookspot Central breaks in a brand-new interview feature by talking to Paul S. Kemp about getting into Star Wars, including some words of wisdom from Mike Stackpole:

At this last GenCon I met Mike Stackpole and asked him about his experiences writing Star Wars. He didn’t offer direct advice either, but he said if you write a good book, the fans will love you forever. Write a bad one, and there will be hell to pay.

Wherever would he get an idea like that? (via)

3 thoughts on “Kemp strolls into Bookspot central

  1. Dunc

    Kemp will be fine, even if folks hate his stuff. (And knowing what we do of his book, that would take quite a bit.) It’s the ones who don’t have the experience of dealing with a large, established fanbase I would worry about.

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