Carve geeky pumpkins for Halloween!

Most of the patterns on are for advanced carvers only, but you don’t need mad skills to look, thankfully. For those willing to take a whack (bad choice of words?) there is a brand new tutorial on making last year’s hit, the Death Star pumpkin, above.

Alas, the free templates on were a victim of the redesign, but Bonnie did find an alternate application for this year. And there’s always Fett, I suppose. Or the Clone Wars kit available at a store near you. Ahh, capitalism.

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2 thoughts on “Carve geeky pumpkins for Halloween!

  1. Noel

    I’ve had about 30 people send me pictures of their death star pumpkins based on the tutorial. People made them all sizes. And many of the pumpkins had truly cool things on them, including models of tie-fighters attached to them, green lights inside, and one even had an exploded alderaan attached!

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