Cows as a security hazard and JJ Abrams on Star Wars

Bonnie scored yet another cool interview.  This time, she talks to JJ Abrams; he of Lost and Fringe and of another small series you might have heard about.  (Star Trek, people!  Not Felicity.)

So apparently JJ found out that you can’t take cows across the border from Canada.  It had to have an American stand-in.  And he loves creating interactive websites that expand his shows.

And as a long-time Star Wars fan, he had a really cool idea for  how about an online Galactic Senate where fans could debate issues?  Star Wars fans love to debate things!

3 thoughts on “Cows as a security hazard and JJ Abrams on Star Wars

  1. Bonnie

    Except that he actually is quoted in the article as saying sfans can debate IN CHARACTER.

    The quote from the article:

    “Online is the perfect place to have something like an interactive Senate where fans could represent different worlds and debate in character. I could see a giant Star Wars debate team tackle all the issues that the prequels dealt with, then have characters from the movies moderate the discussion. ”


    So fans would not arguing Star Wars themes as themselves, but as Ackbar , or C-3PO or Gonk — which is not something that has been done on forums. Actually, I thought it was very clever.


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