First look: Hasbro’s Maz Kanata action figure

maz-toy-01Entertainment Weekly has revealed Hasbro’s Maz Kanata action figure, which will debut at Toy Fair this weekend.

Sadly, for the established collectors, Maz won’t be available on her own. She’ll be released this spring as part of a “Takodana Encounter” playset along with Rey, BB-8 and Finn, for $19.99. Two female characters in one pack? Hasbro, you’re trying!

One thought on “First look: Hasbro’s Maz Kanata action figure

  1. jawajames

    While I’m bummed that such a major character is not being released as a single figure (yet), that 4-pack actually sounds like a good set that i might be tempted to buy (if i could find it)

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