Star Wars ladies who won’t hesitate to kick your ass

Bettie Magazine counts down nine badass Star Wars women, including several from the Expanded Universe. It’s not particularly hard to guess who rightfully takes the top spot. (via)

5 thoughts on “Star Wars ladies who won’t hesitate to kick your ass

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  3. Dajuan

    My four favorite chicks in Star Wars made the top 5. Bet Leia only made it ahead of Mara because she’s in the films. They both kick some serious ass though :)

  4. Scoke

    Just having Ahsoka on that list makes this invalid in my eyes. Especially if she’s ahead of Aurra Sing. Mirta Gev would have made my list, but then again, most people who would make lists like these probably wouldn’t know who Mirta Gev is… Mara Jade should have the top spot, in my opinion, but Leia is definitely worthy of the spot as well. Tenel Ka is pretty tough too, and worth a mention at least.

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