JadeCon ’08 – The Quote Menace

It’s Sunday morning and we’re starting the Post-Con Depression Kick-Off Breakfast.  Once again, it appears we were foiled by actually having fun (and those annoyingly addictive Olympics) and prevented from blogging.  Since clean-up is about to begin, I thought I’d capture the remaining quotes from the weekend that were taped on to the wood-paneled wall with painter’s tape.  (We won’t cause any duct tape damage this year!)  We might have some good quotes from PCD Breakfast, but we’ll be too depressed to capture them.

  • Australia is a sexy man. – Several women in Dave’s bed
  • A YOW?  We could make it a Yao Ming by adding soy sauce – James
  • That’s not a head.  That’s a boob. – Beth
  • A YOW and an Anakin Fireball:  together they make beautiful music. – Liz double-fists it
  • An Ewok with a spear is 2 inches taller than Trina. – Trina’s own response to a Telephone Pictionary drawing
  • A snowflake makes me happy. – Telephone Pictionary
  • Warooh!  Oh s**t!  It’s a moon! – Telephone Pictionary illustration of Chewie
  • It is really annoying when Tribbles laugh at you. – Telephone Pictionary
  • I need a naked man! – Steph&
  • Padme’, let’s get busy.  I’m about to be evil. – Telephone Pictionary
  • Let’s make out.  Oh, look!  A TIE fighter! – Telephone Pictionary
  • I can really see you in the design.  And by “you,” I mean “his a**.” – Caitlin
  • I was signed off by the person that usurped my rightful place in Dave’s bed. – Liz
  • Your hair is on the pineapple behind the bar. – Vic
  • I have to go rescue my hair from the pineapple. – Caitlin
  • Someone absconded with Liz’s salty snacks. – Liz
  • I’m the Space Pope:  LOL, WTF and bless you my child.  – Liz
  • The part of the Rodian will be played by Ben Stiller. – Tom, describing Jeff’s RPG blaster skills
  • My slash does not write itself. – The Emperor
  • Paula and I both really like Menage. — Somewhere back in Tucson, Ray just went “oooh.” – Kelly
  • Oh my gawd.  It’s all about the boots and kilts. – Beth
  • I can eat a whole plate of bacon. – The Olympics announcer commenting on Miss Bacon’s win
  • Sometimes we are the Asian porn site you’re looking for. – Nancy
  • Elizabeth:  Did you say “burning crotch”?  Yav:  No!  Barty Crouch!
  • Faster!  More intense! – All of Club Jade watching Michael Phelps score his 8th Olympic gold medal
  • Would this be easier if I was lying down? – Ruby

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