What even the best blockbusters are still getting wrong about women. “When I asked [Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves] why there was so little for women to do in Dawn, he fell uncharacteristically silent. ‘It wasn’t a conscious decision. I don’t know,’ he finally admitted.” Why are we still making a big deal about this, re: Episode VII and other blockbusters? Because of answers like that.

2 thoughts on “What even the best blockbusters are still getting wrong about women

  1. Nanci

    I really liked “Dawn,” but the lack of women characters was really glaring. It didn’t take away any of my enjoyment, but having some more female characters could’ve made the movie even better than it was.

    It’s almost kind of refreshing to hear the director say he just didn’t think about it. It’s honest and very eye-opening.

  2. Jon

    It may not have been Keri Russel’s movie, but her role in the film, and the impact she had on Caesar’s family was no less important. Maybe, as a guy, I’m looking at the glass half full, but her moments with the apes was not only important, it was almost pivotal in changing Caesar’s ability to trust the humans, more than what any of the human males were capable of. At least, that’s what I saw.

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