Tony To joins Lucasfilm as head of production and development. A former executive VP of production at Walt Disney Studios, he’ll report to Kathleen Kennedy and oversee “all live-action and animation production.” For our purposes on the ground, perhaps the most interesting part of the Variety story is this: Lucasfilm has “several TV projects in various stages of development on its slate.” Curious…

2 thoughts on “Tony To joins Lucasfilm as head of production and development

  1. Paula

    I’m surprised that TV projects line hasn’t gotten more interest from folks.

    I guess the movies are more exciting to think about? Or are we all burned from previous TV show attempts?

    1. Dunc

      People have noticed. But I think it’s like the standalones – until we get specifics, it’s kinda hard to get excited, because there are tons of ways they could go.

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