Denis Lawson doesn’t seem particularly interested in more Star Wars. The actor, who played Wedge in the original trilogy, apparently turned down a chance to return to the franchise in 2005. (A Sith cameo?) “Honestly, I made the first Star Wars film in 1976 and it doesn’t really interest me. I know it’s interesting to other people but I get really bored talking about it.” He does talk a bit about his nephew, Ewan McGregor. via

4 thoughts on “Denis Lawson doesn’t seem particularly interested in more Star Wars

  1. Bjorn W

    Wedge is one of the coolest characters in the OT. I hope he will change his mind and turn up in EP7!

  2. MattDoc

    If you think about it a bit, it makes perfect sense that he would be bored with it. All he ever did was sit in a pretend cockpit wearing uncomfortable costumes and helmets, rattling off lines that didn’t really do too much to affect the plot. I have nothing against the character, but I think that people are so fascinated by Wedge simply because he was a small character who made it through all three OT films alive, including two Death Star battles.

    That being said, would it be cool to see him in VII as a seasoned veteran training new pilots? Sure. But he is being about as clear as possible about not wanting to do it so I wouldn’t expect a change of heart from him.

    1. Dunc

      I understand people being attached to Wedge, but he was in the movies for what, 5 minutes? Total? If they need Wedge, just recast the part. If they just need a Rogue/Rebel vet/old buddy for Luke, make up a new one or use an EU one. I doubt it’s a substantial part in any case.

      The only people they absolutely can’t/shouldn’t recast are the people they already have signed on – and Billy Dee.

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