Rumor: Star Wars park is coming to Disney World

Well, here’s a shocker: Robert Niles of Theme Park Insider reports that plans for the nigh-inevitable Star Wars Land is in the works at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

Niles says it looks like a five-year project, which means we could see an actual Star Wars area alongside Star Tours by 2018 or maybe even 2017.

(Don’t let the image above get you too excited – it’s an old concept.)

Since this is perhaps the least shocking (possible) development in the whole Disney-is-our-master-now saga, what type of Star Wars attractions would you like to see?

9 thoughts on “Rumor: Star Wars park is coming to Disney World

  1. Crazy

    Oooooh, this sounds waaaaaay cooler than Disneyworld.

    I’d like to see something Rogue-themed mostly. And some Jedi stuff, but I’m not real picky.

  2. Pabawan

    There should be a ride called the Black Fleet Crisis that doesn’t really go anywhere but still takes forever to get there.

  3. Doyle

    How about the Hall of Jedi Masters? A big room full of animatronic figures rambling inscrutably about the nature of the Force for thirty minutes. Nobody really enjoys it, but there’s never a line and its air conditioned and you want the kids to grab a short nap…So you go in anyway.

    Still, it’s a better time than Salacious Crumb’s Enchanted Huttese Totem Room. Those songs are just intolerable.

  4. Darth_Ranga

    Mos Eisley Cantina, Death Star and a Lightsaber training area would be nice. A certain Ep.2 diner maybe for a bite to eat and a Trench Run ride of some kind. Ah well, perchance to dream.

  5. Stephen

    If they have costumed characters wondering around at will (like other Disney enterprises) then the dude dressed as Jar-Jar better know how to defend himself. That can’t end well.

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  7. Amberlee

    This rumor went around in Disney circles in 2012 well before LucasFilm became part of the Disney Lineup. The word was that Paris would get a revamp with an actual restaurant/cantina, a dedicated indoor Jedi training area (having had a youngling do this just last weekend in FL in the 95 heat I can’t cheer that idea enough), and a potential new ride.

    It certainly would be interesting and I’d be happy to eat in the cantina. Though I might suggest that Disney talk to Club Jade regarding some potential signature adult drinks for the menu! :)

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